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The Pompedieux-Do.

Before I get to my story of the infamous Ouzo Night in Paris, France I must tell you about the night prior. 

If you have never visited Paris there are a large amount of family owned restaurants located not far from Notre Dame.  My friends, Steve and Matt, and I had just by chance stumbled across these restaurants one evening when all of us did not want to spend a great deal of money on dinner but still wanted a great meal.  After searching amongst a plethora of restaurants to choose from we discovered a Greek restaurant that had an employee out front of the restaurant literally smashing ten plates every minute.  We figured we might as well see what else this restaurant had to offer since the smashing of plates had already won our approval!  Before we had sat down at our table our waiter for the evening was already on his way over to deliver complimentary double shots of Ouzo.

View from the top of the Pompedieux.
  Now just so you are aware up until that night I had never tried Ouzo and Steve still to this day hates the smell and taste of black licorice.  Even though Steve had a bad history with Ouzo we all decided we might as well drink the double shots because they were free and we were in Paris.  I will say that first shot of Ouzo was not the easiest to swallow but I still didn't mind because as I mentioned before they were FREE!  After the complinentary shots I asked Steve to look over the wine list since he has never selected a bad bottle of wine since I have known him. 

One side note, I did learn a valuable life lesson that evening.   Steve informed me how one can become the most important and valued customers in the restaurant.  To accomplish this task you must order three bottles of wine.  The first bottle lets the employees know you enjoy wine or you want them to think you do.  The second bottle confirms the enjoying wine question and it tells the employees this table wants to spend money.  Finally you order your third bottle of wine and "Voila" you are the restaurant's most important customers because your alcohol tab is more expensive than your meal.  This life lesson is the cause of the "may want to forget" portion of Ouzo Night.

Anyway, back to my story.  After we had drank our third bottle of wine all three of us were decently buzzed and were about to leave for the night when our waiter informed us the manager had given us a second round of double shots of Ouzo on the house.  Of course all three of us did not even think twice about turning down free alcohol. 

lovely_lori88 says:
this restaurant sounds awesome! where is it?
Posted on: Jul 09, 2008
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The Pompedieux-Do.
The Pompedieux-Do.
View from the top of the Pompedieu…
View from the top of the Pompedie…
photo by: Sweetski