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That's me and my buddy "doc" I have no clue who the dude in the blue shirt is, or the hawaiian chick.
so we all met up at the airport and took a limo to the hotel which was the Wynn. I can't say enough about that hotel. I did a review on it. But let me say a little more here. I am not a high class dude at all. I walked into the Wynn with an old Army duffel bag that's been to Korea once and Iraq Twice. But we decided to spend a little extra to get pampered we figured we deserved it. We got treated like royalty! Even though we were all pretty grungy dudes. The rooms were incredible, mine had a view of the strip, so I could see the Treasure Island Pirate Ship Firework Extravaganza every 2 hours whenever I wanted (totally the highlight of the whole trip). After we settled in we decided to walk down the strip. A lot of peole I'd talked too who had stayed at the Wynn said it was really far from the strip, this is not true.
Once again no idea who the blue shirted dude is. But i'm having a great time apparently.
It's right across from Treasure Island and next to the Venetian. Anyway we went to the Venetian and got a little dinner. Then we decided to look for a low class joint to hang out at and get drunk before hitting the tables or whatever else we felt like doing. Well, Treasure Island was right there. We dropped inot this hawaiian/tropical/jungle/piano themed bar and started imbibing. They had dueling piano's which is always cool, and they had a flash bartnding competition. The bartender on our side of the bar was the kind of guy you hope never shows up at the same party as you. straight out of GQ and onto the street kind of cat. So being drunk I said "dude." "in this town a dude like you could do lots of stuff, why are you bartnding?" and he said "dude." "i used to be a chippendales dancer. but I quit". I was blown away, i've never met a male stripper. So of course being your average dude who has never dreamt of being a stripper, I pressed on. "What's it like dude?" i asked. He went on to tell me that it really sucked, that it was not fun, he felt it was demeaning, and he never wanted to do it again. And right there my dreams of being a male stripper were dashed :( It was my "you'll shoot your eye out kid!" moment. but hey there was alcohol so all was not lost. I could now begin dreaming about my new dream job, as a lion tamer in the circus. I think that gets us to midnight soI guess I have to write a different entry for the next morning. but i have to get to calss so you'll just have to wait.
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Thats me and my buddy doc I hav…
That's me and my buddy "doc" I ha…
Once again no idea who the blue sh…
Once again no idea who the blue s…
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