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Setting the Stage

My brother dropped the bomb on my family one day when he said "I'm gonna move out to Arizona next week with my girlfriend."  Our first reaction . . . "Kurt, when did you get a girlfriend . . . and what!?!"  And that's how it all started.  Of course I thought it was pretty gutsy, but he needed a change and with great risk, comes great gains.  So we all supported him, despite being unsure of the future and maybe raising a few questions with shadows of doubt but to make it work, it needed to be done right.  So my parents volunteered their car, and I volunteered my 'services' (free road trip and safe return of the car).  But we needed back up.  Kurt's closest friend Luke was not gonna let Kurt leave without him and one of my best friends (Dirty Jake) Jake was always up for a random trip. 

So we had our team ready to leave in a few days, but we need priorities.  First Kurt and Luke had to drive to New Jersey for the very last ever Phish concert (turned out not to be so) but our trip was planned (at least we thought it was planned) we would leave on Aug 17th.  Jake came over and the 17th came and went.  Jake and I woke up at 7:00 am expecting to see Kurt and Luke sleeping on the couches, but no sign of them.  We were starting to panic, "did they just decided to keep driving and not stop up in WI?"  "Are we gonna lose our free Road Trip?"  We started to panic.  It was decided we had enough money on our own to get to Wyoming (emergency road trip), we would worry about getting back later.  We jumped in the car and started backing out to go to the bank to get our money when Kurt and Luke pull in the driveway (the Arizona trip is back on).  "Kurt you have one hour to get your stuff and put it in the car so we can go."

"But I'm not packed yet"

"Doesn't matter we should be on the road"   I was a total jerk.

Kurt grabbed is stuff, got clean (very important after a Phish concert on the east coast with no lodging) and we were on the road in two hours.  Not the way we imagined starting, but we were on the road, and I think Kurt would eventually forgive me for only giving him 2 hours to pack to move to the other side of the country (at least I hope). 


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photo by: skimonty83