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because right now my life is being flipped, turned upside down, I liked to take a minute, just sit right here, as I tell you how I became... a guy with a new boat.

As everybody has heard, we had Ike. Ike was a total douche bag to most boaters, causing tons of damage, including damage to my homie Patricks house. Lucky for me, my boat was able to handle the storm without much trouble, lucky for me moving the boat to a marina with a floating pier when I did, my Westerly could've been a total mess.

After all the hassle with the storm, I was reluctant to visit the boat, nothing really I could do while I waited to finish up my time at work and move onto it and start the shit job of sanding/painting. I purchased bedding materal to make birth beds and getting odds and ends together so I can be ready and comfortable on the boat.

After some late night thinking, I considered the need for such a large boat if it was just me. I started rolling around the idea of stepping into a smaller/better outfitted boat and decided I would try to do a quick flip on my Westerly and either take the money from the sale and go to Florida, buy a boat and jump off from there. That night I spent some time coming up with a Craigslist ad that expressed what I was looking to do, gave all the information I could muster and noted that I was looking for a 26-28' boat in good sailing condition that I would be willing to trade for.

After several weeks of getting window shoppers and people just emailing me interested in the boat but not interested in buying it, I had a person message me informing me he had a family and friends he would like to take out sailing but his boat was a bit cramped for 4-5 people. After hearing his situation, I was prompt in lettig him know I would like to check his boat out and have him see mine, maybe we can workout a trade.

A few weeks later pass and we finally are able to get to look at the boats and I simply fell inlove with his 1974 28' Irwin Sloop. Shes built like a tank and so fresh and clean for her age that I was almost giddy when I saw her. After having Mr. Wade take a look at my boat and him being happy with the condition of her vs size and price, the deal was good to go. The owner was a cool guy, being a video gamer much like myself and comes to find out being in the same profession as myself, we had much to talk about. While we were talking in the parking lot at his demolished yacht club at 9 pm on a Saturday night, a cranky old bitch had the gaw to come out of her sailboat and tell us "Why don't you 2 just go get a room. I am trying to sleep, I would appreciate you to leave".

I inform her its 9 pm, which she goes on a rant about how shes evcauted from her home and how we are distrubing her rest inside her 200,000 dollar Catamran and gets snotty and says "well I bet you HAVE houses to go back to" and I am just standing there looking at her yacht thinking "yeah, but i bet your boat is worth more then my house, wanna trade?". I told her to go back in her house and quit going on like the old bitch she was. I bet the people next door to her house are happy to be away from that hag while houses are getting rebuilt. I informed her next time, she needs to learn some tact and maybe move her boat before the board walk bars/clubs open up and distrub her 9 am bedtime.

I have one more week left before I head off to stay on the boat. I am looking for a 12 DBi Wifi Antenna to mount outside now that I decided to install my home computer in the boat in conjunction with my laptop. Doing this will allow me to play games and recieve wifi signal miles away instead of the current 100 yards I can pick up now. Considering the Irwin has good electrical system already setup and ready, the hardest part will be to fabercate up a place for the machine to be housed and how to keep the sea air from causing it to turn to rust. 
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photo by: scubagirl76