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Mines on left, Huys on Right
This weekend was completely wild and one hell of a adventure! I was able to make HUGE successes with the wonderful help of Huy and Lianne. I can't express how much I appreciate what they do for me each weekend, they're really great friends.

Saturday afternoon, Huy and I made our way over to the boat to fully install the water pump. We got the RTV sealant on the water pump and got it installed well. We would have to let the water pumps sealant dry over night before we tried to hook up water to it. We head back to the Huyannes house and start playing Boom Blocks, a fun game for the Nintendo Wii. Huy ends up hurting himself by playing to hard.

Next day we head out to CrapMart to pick up a couple of life jackets and some other stuff to get the water pump fully installed.
We also headed over to a local boat resale shop and pick up a few items. I bought a trickle charger for my batteries, a rope pole Huy bought a sail. He assumed the sail would be $100 dollars but when it came time to pay, he was lucky to find out his sail cost only $10, 90% off! Once we got to the boat and installed the water lines for the water pump, we try to start the motor. Seems the starter isn't working proper and would cause a puff of smoke when I would spin the motor with my foot. I took it off and hooked up the charger and take the starter over to Blue Water Parts to see if they might have the item. While there, I learn that starter is more then just a starter, but also a generator. I also find out this item is ultra rare, no after market and no replacement, so my old one is gold if I plan to ever start this motor with something more then a lawn mower cord.
We check on the price of getting the boat towed and decide if we had some sort of pushing pole, I could get the boat backed out and tied up.... that was the plan. We head over to Home Depot, buy a 18 foot long painters pole made of fiberglass, drive over to a local hot wings restraunt, eat and head off to the marina and start this adventure.

As we untie the boat, I pull my boat out of the slip and into the channel and get it ready for Huy to hook to his boat. During all the hustling, I ended up getting heat stroke and proceed to throw up every single chicken wing I ate all over the string of my hat. I look over and notice a very attractive lady in a boat next to me just watching me... sigh. As I throw up, the boat proceeds to drift away and I have to get my shit together and proceed to take my painters pole and plunk it into the water and learn quickly that the mud is deep and the pole isn't long enough.
Here is a small video of my Volvo Diesel motor starting for the first time I have owned the boat. She sounds great, i will be fixing the exhaust leak and changing the oil/filters in the next 2 weeks.
I able to get the boat to stop some by sticking it behind the boat and we get the boats married with a line and were off.

While go along, I find out everything I hear about power boats for the most part is true, they don't give a shit about anybody around them. While we powered over at maybe 2 knots, every power boater in the lake made a point of hauling ass right beside us. Every time, it would loosen the line then and would pull slack hard core. I bet that's the best thing for my tie downs.

While we come into South Shore, Huy slows down as he comes into the dock that our slips were at. I never get a full pull as we enter the dock so as Huy powers down and goes into his slip, my boat begins to drift towards the boat next to my slip.
Lianne, Patrick & Huy on the boat before fire works for the 4th of July.
The boat then starts to just do its own thing, with no control what so ever. Huy begins to run up and down the pier trying to get to a place I could get him a rope while I use the push pole to some how catch a little notch on any pier to try to stop the boat, which doesn't work at all. After a couple nice men grab a line and Huy catches the boat near the giant concrete walkway.  We finally get the boat in a spot that would hold the boat while we got a game plan. After 15 mins, we start getting the boats ready again and he backs down. Once we got the boats hooked up, we had pretty smooth going from that point on...kinda. While I parked my boat,  I realized my boats slip had a box that poked out into the slip, so as my boat comes in, it smashes into this box and the pier post. After a couple rigging adjustments, the boat doesn't hit it anymore, and hardly any damage was done. I put another fender on, tie it tight, close it up and go home.

We did it. What we did was very stupid but it had to be done and we get shit done. I am going to buy a outboard motor hopefully in month or so for the boat and get a dinghy, that way if my inboard ever plays dead, I have back up power.
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Mines on left, Huys on Right
Mines on left, Huys on Right
Here is a small video of my Volvo…
Lianne, Patrick & Huy on the boat…
photo by: scubagirl76