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One of the most exciting TravBuddies year so far. The past months have been great for me, regardless of what people may think, from June last year til' this date it's been of up and downs in my life. It may be the year for less travels and less TravBuddy meet ups, been from one place to another and maybe that has kept me from the possibility of meeting new people, although and perhaps because of lack of time i haven't been able to establish a more personal connection with people around me or new travelers coming to Guatemala city or Charlotte the last two cities I've been living at.
Regardless of all this, the past year brings me good memories, brought me a life change, brought me the understanding of love and commitment, brought me lots of happy moments, brought me the understanding of how people can influence in you and make you feel important. One special, very special person in my life came to me this year from TravBuddy, made me feel loved again, made me be who i am, what i want to be and made me see a lot brighter of what life can be and a better way to enjoy it.

I couldn't let go the opportunity to tell my story of how Robert came into my life and giving it a totally different perspective, has become one of the most important person in my life, he may be the only travbuddy i met last year, but definitely the most important one until today. I experience a different side of me that it was shy to come out, that i didn't know i had in me or at least not wanting to accept it. I don't regret any time or moment that i spent with him or after i came to the airport to pick him up, the days in late October when we got to be together and i how i fall in love with him, the week we shared in the city and Antigua, that same week we hang out and find ourselves and became more than just have a friendship, more than just a simple and another travbuddy meet up, the time when we became boyfriends and for the next 5 months becoming the most important person of my life. We spent a lot of time together, had our ups and downs like in any other distance relationship, he came for second time to Guatemala in November and we got to spent more quality time together, getting closer and understanding our situation even further. I also had the chance to take a small vacation in December/January and came to Charlotte and Chicago for Christmas and New Year, got to visit him in Chicago his home town and hang out everyday, i would escape from being with my family to see him and keeping my relationship as a secret was killing me as i wanted to scream everything out and tell the whole world why i was happy. The time we spent together was great and what good memories that brings, the fun we had and the marvelous moments that even if short they meant a lot, brought us a lot closer and made me feel like this is the one, the one i wanted and the one i needed. Times change and our life's do too, when i was back in Charlotte in February, Robert came to Charlotte for a small weekend and even though it was important for me that he was here, i had a lot of feelings mixed up and a lot of life changing experiences, a lot of decisions to make and a road to take. That time helped me understand more and more about love and commitment, made me appreciate what i have and the things i can accomplish and Robert was an important piece in all that. I can't be thankful enough to God for giving him in my life, for making him as important as he is to me and giving me the chance to take proper decisions to not affect others and make my life easier. Days later in march my life would change drastically when i found out a really bad news about us, that hurt my heart and made me see life in a whole different perspective, the truth of why we are no longer together of why the love end and the why of all things. I just couldn't let go to past this date and the opportunity to tell all why this is one of the best years with TravBuddy and why is a life changing experience. The year that gave me a new friend and a new life, the year that will always be in my heart and in my mind.

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