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My puppy!!
So, today was our deep sea fishing day. We took off from the hotel with two other guys (so, me, my boyfriend and two other, 4 people) and drove to the boat shop.
Ok- sketchy moment, this place is like behind a resort, with really nothing there except a beam with some rope on presumably to hang your catch on.
Anyway we took a ride out to the boat and headed out, or thought we did. Clearly there was some issue and the dingy came flying after us a few minutes later and the guys all yelled at each other. I don't speak Spanish, but clearly we were not happy. Anyway, they resolved the issue and we headed out to open sea.
1 hour in- no fish, feelin' pretty good, kinda cool to see the island from so far out
2 hours in- no fish, feelin' a little queasy but ok...popped a Dramamine
2.5 hours in- no fish, quite likely going to puke...
3 hours in- caught a bird, still no fish, starting to feel better
3.5 hours in- got a fish, one of the other guys reeled it in, small Mahi Mahi (or whatever it is!), pretty, feeling better
4 hours in- no more fish, almost caught some drift wood, headed back in

SO in the end, there is a reason they call it fishing and not catching. Was it an experience? Yes. Do I need to do it again? No. Would I? Is there a guarantee I'd catch fish?
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My puppy!!
My puppy!!
Punta Cana
photo by: B-Town