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I have a lot of feelings about this trip and not gonna lie, I'm a little nervous about this trip. Not like the fun, unknown, I'm going to a random country nervous, the something is going to go wrong, I'm going to hate my boyfriend by the time we get back nervous.
Now, don't get me wrong, when I rationally think about this, there isn't much that can go wrong, we've got seats on the plane, rides to and from the airport coming and going, we've got an all inclusive resort. We've travled before to Cali for 10 days. We're like any normal couple, we fight once in awhile, so I know I just need to relax!
But it's that unrational, nervousness that's getting to me. This is a big "what if" trip. What if he hates the food, what if he hates the weather, what if he hates the culture? What if he's antsy on the plane, what if our planes are late, I know what to do but will he freak out? It's that nervousness of I've traveled so much in my life and he hasn't. I'm much more open minded then him. And I'm sure he's feeling just as nervous as I am! He's never traveled like this outside of the US, he just got his first passport ever and he's 30! This can probably only do good things, maybe he'll realize how cool the rest of the world is and want to travel more with me!
Above all else, I'm totally psyched! I cannot wait to get on that plane bright and early Saturday morning and fly away to a fabulous island with my boyfriend! 5 days of nothing but relaxing, sunning and sipping on a fruity rum drink!
3.5 days and counting!
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