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When planning this trip to Pompeii I thought of just spending 4 hours and then heading to Rome again because I still don’t have any good photos of Rome in my 5 trips there.  Once arriving at Pompeii I was stunned, I had no idea the city was this big; well I ended up spending the whole day here and still did not see it all.

The famous city of Pompeii was destroyed by Mount Vesuvius Volcano eruption on 24th of August 79 AD that buried it under ash and rock.

It was that very eruption that the Romans had no name for what did it until they used for the first time the name VOLCANO. 

I have been too many volcanos over the years and even lived on one in Sicily (Etna is Europe’s most active volcano).

  I visited the Big Island of Hawaii and walked on parts of the volcano in 1979 and two weeks later that place was destroyed when it erupted again.  Even looking at these photos and seeing the large gap in Vesuvius I still cannot imagine the scale of an eruption.  Such a large amount of ash and rock;  sad to say but the Italians have built the new city not far away from the old city that was destroyed and yes Vesuvius is an Active Volcano.

Houses, Cafes, temples and yes even dogs, pigs and people all buried alive.  So here are my photos of Pompeii.

Memory " I remember driving back to Sicily low on fuel and hungry because Italy and most of Europe had a power outage; vaguely remember it started in France.  Anyway no power so no gas although about half way to Sicily I found a restaurant that was using a generator and ate, then drove back in darkness that evening.

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See the scull bone.
See the scull bone.
A dog
A dog
A pig
A pig
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photo by: Grpablo