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Here is Dublin's Temple Bar area.

         This morning we headed across the street to the train station at about 11:00, hoping to catch the 11:45 train to Dublin. When we arrived at the station and inquired about the train, we were informed that the next one did not leave until 2:25. Apparently, the 11:45 train only came on Fridays, and today is Thursday. Therefore, we sat around for a couple of hours, got on the train at 2:15, and we were in Dublin by 5:15. At first, we got a bit lost trying to locate our hostel. Then we realized our mistake and took the 90 bus to city centre, and then we walked from there. We finally arrived at our hostel, Abraham House, and we went to our room to drop off our bags.

The Mexican restaurant we had dinner at was called "Alamo."
For this leg of the journey, we would be sharing our room with two other people. Their bunk beds were empty and we were nervous about what they may be like.

          We decided to go explore Dublin, and our first stop was the Temple Bar area. We were looking for a tattoo shop, because Jason wanted to get a Celtic band tattoed on his arm. We found a place called Zulu Tattoo and made an appointment for tomorrow. We then had dinner at a Mexican restaurant, had dessert at Butler's Chocolate Cafe, and did some souvenir shopping. Jason and I each bought a Celtic ring for our fingers, and I bought a matching one for my sister.

          After a few more hours of exploring the Temple Bar area, we returned to our rooms and both took showers.

Here is Dublin's Temple Bar area.
We were relieved to see no signs of roomates yet. At about 10:30 at night, we decided to pay a visit to the soda machine in the hostel bar area. When we went back to our room we discovered that the door was locked and the key was in the room. Oops! We panicked and went to the reception desk to ask for a spare. Unbelievably, the guy working the desk said that they didn't have a spare. Therefore, we had to wait in the lobby while he made a few phone calls. They were eventually able to find the master key and let us into our room.

          At about 11:30 at night, we were both sitting on our beds and I said, "Well, I don't think we're going to get any roommates!" But before the sentence was even completed, there was a knock onthe door. As Jason opened the door we saw two old, hairy, yet one was balding, guys from Italy who were way too old to be staying at a hostel. We were so disappointed because they were the last people we would have wanted as roommates. We were hoping for another twenty-something couple who we could have some fun with. Oh well!

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Here is Dublins Temple Bar area.
Here is Dublin's Temple Bar area.
The Mexican restaurant we had dinn…
The Mexican restaurant we had din…
Here is Dublins Temple Bar area.
Here is Dublin's Temple Bar area.
photo by: fransglobal