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Here I am in Dam Square.

        Today is Sunday, and we awoke to a bitter cold morning, just as we have the past few days. After downing hot chocolate at the campground's restaurant, we took the tram to a place called Dam Square. We were attempting to locate a place called Pompadour that we had read about in our travel book. Pompadour is similar to a coffee shop, but it provides a wide array of chocolates and pastries. It is supposed to be scrumptious, so were were eager to locate the shop. When we arrived in Dam Square, we were surprised to see the center bustling with so much activity since it was a Sunday. There was a small puppet show in one portion of the square that drew a large crowd of children with their parents. There were also several people dressed in costumes such as clowns on stilts, tigger, and the Mask (from Jim Carey's movie).

Jason is sitting in front of Cafe Het Molenpad, which became one of our favorite stops for lunch!
There were even horse-drawn carriages parading around the center. Using our maps, we continued to search for Pompadour. After walking for quite a while, we finally found it in a narrrow street that was engulfed by construction. Unfortunately, since it was Sunday, the place was closed for business.

      After the disappointment we wandered on, trying to find a place to grab some lunch. Unfortunately, since most places are closed in Europe on Sundays, this was no easy task. We finally found a quaint restaurant/bar along one of the canals. The place had a lovely atmosphere and was dimly lit with candles at each of the tables. The bar was made of dark, antiqued wood, and paintings that were for sale hung on the walls.

Street Performers in Leidseplein
We both enjoyed a grilled cheese sandwich and Jason had a hot chocolate as well. In Holland, they always give you small cookies, called speculaas, to go with your coffee or hot chocolate, which I always enjoy!

        After enjoying our food and the atmosphere, we walked on and ended up back at Leidsplein. In the central area was an old man wearing only underwear and performing for a crowd up on a rope that hovered above his audience. It was quite bizarre!  As we were watching the odd performance, we spotted a Hagen-Daaz across the tram tracks and decided to manuever our way over there. We had been trying to hold out for gelato, but decided to settle for regular ice cream. Following our tasty treats, we ventured back to museum square, where we found a bench that overlooked the square. We sat at the bench for a good 45 minutes, watching several groups of people play soccer and a few cute dogs run about.

        After sitting for a while, we decided that we wanted to go find out where Boom Chicago was. Boom Chicago is an American Comedy club in Leidsplein, and we wanted to see a show in the evening. In search of the establishment, we got wrapped in to watching a street performance by an English man. He was carefully balancing a ball on his head while sliding his body through a tennis racket. Then he rolled a fireball along his body, which was frightening to watch!

       We realized we were standing in front of Boom Chicago, we we bought our tickets, sat down for some nachos and margaritas, then enjoyed the comedy show before heading home.

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Here I am in Dam Square.
Here I am in Dam Square.
Jason is sitting in front of Cafe …
Jason is sitting in front of Cafe…
Street Performers in Leidseplein
Street Performers in Leidseplein
photo by: pearcetoyou