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These were the steep stairs we climbed each day (5 flights) to our room in the 200 year-old hotel.

          This morning we packed up and headed to the nearest train station, where we took a train to the next station, and then we took another train to another station, where we hopped on another train that took us to Paris. Once in Paris, we got onto the metro, which took us to our hotel, Hotel Commines. This hotel was a bit hidden and only a narrow doorway from the side street grants you an entrance. Inside, the tall and narrow hotel was 200 years old. Our room is up on the fifth floor, which we get to by climbing five steep and narrow flights of stairs. By the time we reach our room, we are exhausted from walking around with our backpacks on all day, so all we want to do is rest.

Jason is climbing to the top of Notre Dame Cathedral.
However, we are in Paris! There is so much to do, and no time for resting. Thefore, we decide to head off to the Louvre immediately. The metro spits us out in the Caroseul of the Louvre, which is a large shopping center. Since Jason is eager to eat, as always, we leave the Louvre and step outside to find a place to eat. Since we cannot locate an eatery nearby, we end up taking photographs in front of the Louvre and I.M. Pei's famous glass triangles. We then wander back indoors to attempt to find restaurants inside the Caroseul of the Louvre. After satisfying Jason's hunger at a Mexican cafe, we enter the Louvre, eager to purchase our tickets to view the art housed in the museum. As we are depositing our money into the machine, an employee of the Louvre rushed over to inform us that the museum is closing in only 20 minutes.
We reached the top of Notre Dame Cathedral. What a view!
Disappointed, we take our money back and change our plans.

          We resort to Plan B: Notre Dame Cathedral. As we approach the magnificent structure, we are eager to take a picture, so Jason kindly asks an old lady and her husband to take a photo of us. Jason hands the lady the camera, who in turn flips the camera backwards. Jason shows her the correct way, the lady nods her head, and then turns it back the wrong way again. Jason, remaining patient, once again flips the camera around, showing her the correct way to hold it. What does she do? Nods her head, then turns the camera back the wrong way AGAIN! This cycle continued a few more times until the poor lady's husband steps in to take the picture for her. We thank the man, walk away, and look at the picture. We are crooked, half of my body is cut off, and you can't even see Notre Dame behind us. What a pain!

         Following the camera incident, we decide to enter the cathedral and then pay the extra money to climb to the top. To get to the top of Notre Dame Cathedral, we had to climb up an endless, dimly lit, clasutrophobic, spiral staircase. We seemed to climb and climb, never reaching the top or any sign of the top. We were so exhausted by the endless climb that we were giddy and laughing hysterically, which made the task even more challenging. When we finally reached the top, the view of Paris was gorgeous and we took picture after picture. The view or the city was definitely worth the exhausting climb. We also went into the belltower and stood next to the famous bell that Quasimodo rung!

         We then pulled out our handy metro card and headed off to the eiffel tower. We sat down on the grass in front of the tower while the sun was setting, waiting for the right lighting to take pictures. Everyone around us was drinking beer, wine, or champagne, so we decided to get a bottle of wine, along with some cheese and crackers for later that evening. On our way back to the hotel, we did just that. We happened upon a small shop where we were able to buy a bottle of wine, some cheese and some dessert crackers. We excitedly carried all of this back to our room, where we soon realized that we didn't have wine glasses for the wine, or anything to cut the cheese with. To solve the problem, we used a pocketknife to cut the cheese and we drank straight from the bottle. It wasn't exactly what we had in mind, but it was all that we could do, and it ended up giving us a few good laughs. 

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These were the steep stairs we cli…
These were the steep stairs we cl…
Jason is climbing to the top of No…
Jason is climbing to the top of N…
We reached the top of Notre Dame C…
We reached the top of Notre Dame …
photo by: Sweetski