Our Last Day in Europe, and a Tattoo to Remember It

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Jason with his newly-acquired Celtic band tattoo.

          This morning we pretended to be asleep until our roommates left for the day so that we wouldn't have to engage in small talk with the strangers. When they finally left at around 8:45 we jumped out of bed and went downstairs for the free breakfast the hostel offers, which consists of a stale scone and pulpy orange juice. After eating, we returned to our room to get ready for the day and to pack our backpacks. We had to be out of the room by 10:30, and we put our luggage in the luggage room since the room for our second night's stay in Dublin would not be ready until 3:00.

          We headed off to Zulu tattoo, where Jason was going to get his Celtic band around his arm.

Here we are in front of St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin.
Sean, the owner of the shop and the guy doing Jason's tattoo was running late, wo we waited about twenty minutes in the shop. I browsed through some magazines while Jason looked at some pictures and finalized the design of his tattoo. About an hour and a half after the process began, Jason's tattoo was completed and his arm was wrapped in syran wrap.

          We grabbed some lunch and then headed out for St. Patrick's Cathedral where we took a few photos from the outside. When we realized that it cost money to go into the cathedral, we decided to head on to see Dublin Castle. By this point of the journey, the funds were running low! We then trudged to Dublin Castle, which looked disappointing from the outside, so we didn't have much enthusiasm to continue in.

We spent our last night in a ten-bed hostel room!
We went into the foyer, where we debated about whether or not was wanted to pay for a guided tour. After a couple of weeks in Europe, we didn't think we could stand to set foot in another museum, so we opted not to go.

          On our way back to the hostel we stopped by a bag shop, where we bought an eight-Euro bag to use as a carry-on during our flight home tomorrow. We also stopped by a grocery store called Dunnes because we needed to buy some more syran wrap for Jason's newly-tattooed arm. While we were there, we decided to pick up some food to eat for dinner. I chose and apple and a tub of potato salad while Jason opted for a sandwich.

          Upon returning to the hostel, we collected our backpacks from the luggage room and moved them over to our room for the night - a room that we were going to be sharing with eight other people! We checked our email in the lobby and decided to have a rest in our hostel room. The trip was winding down and we were getting tired and ready for the trip back home on the following morning. Soon, all of our other roommates left the room to explore the city, so I went to take a shower as Jason continued to rest. When I returned to the room, refreshed after a shower, Jason informed me that he didn't want to eat his sandwich for dinner and said that he would prefer a trip to McDonalds. Keep in mind, we NEVER eat McDonalds in America. But when you are abroad, it just always sounds so good and familiar! So we made a venture out to McDonalds and to an ATM. Since we were running low on cash, we decided to return to the hostel for a night of endless card playing. We sat up on my top bunk and played several rounds of a game called "Thirteen" and then I taught Jason how to play a family favorite, "Oh Hell." It was a simple evening, but we enjoyed the quiet as all of our other eight roomies were out and about in the city. It was the last night we spent in Europe, and we spent it doing the familiar activities we associate with home.  

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Jason with his newly-acquired Celt…
Jason with his newly-acquired Cel…
Here we are in front of St. Patric…
Here we are in front of St. Patri…
We spent our last night in a ten-b…
We spent our last night in a ten-…
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