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We are standing in front of Blarney Castle of a cold, drizzly, Irish day!

          This morning we had all the intentions of getting up around 8:30 and heading out on a tour of Cork, but we didn't crawl out of bed until about 10:30. We had seen an ad for a pancake place down the street from us that we were both eager to try, since we were both craving some good American breakfast food. We were quite disappointed when we strolled up to the "pancake" shop to see pictures of crepes plastered all over the store window.

         After eating our breakfast, we ventured back to the bus station that we had arrived at on the previous evening. We wanted to take some sort of bus tour of Cork. We aren't typically the "bus tour" types of folks, but it was the easiest way for us to catch a ride out to Blarney Castle.

I am kissing the Blarned stone, which is supposed to give me the gift of eloquence!
We were able to book a tour on an open top bus, so we climbed up top to tour the city. This ended up being a bad idea because it was a drizzly, cold Irish day, and we were quite uncomfortable. Plus, we soon learned that the actual city of Cork was quite boring. The tour guide seemed so desperate to find things to point out, that he even lectured on the fire stations and police departments we drove past. Luckily, the bus got us to Blarney, where we had an hour and a half to go explore the area and shop before trudging out to Blarney Castle.

          As soon as we approached Blarney Castle, I immediately fell in love! The surroundings were gorgeous and green, green, green. The most exciting point of the jaunt was when we were able to lean over backwards and kiss the blarney stone, which is supposed to bring you eloquence! After kissing the famed stone, we strolled around the battlements, ventured into a forrested area, and explored a cave called Badger Cave.

This is picture we took from Blarney Castle. I love the Irish greenery!

          After exploring the mystical and magical grounds, we strolled through a small shopping area where I purchased a leprechaun figurine for my mom, which I figured she would use to decorate for St. Patrick's Day. The ride home was much more enjoyable since we sat in the lower, covered portion of the bus. We passed by numerous, quaint and adorable bed and breakfasts. It made me want to pack up my things, move to Ireland, and open my own!

          When we arrived back at the bus station, we grabbed a pizza to carry back to the hostel with us in the pouring rain. We sat down at the kitchen area to devour or pizza and began discussing how disgusting it was that so many Europeans smoked. When we were done eating, I looked over at the people to the left of us and saw that they had three packs of cigarettes and two lighters sitting on the table in front of them. Oops!

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We are standing in front of Blarne…
We are standing in front of Blarn…
I am kissing the Blarned stone, wh…
I am kissing the Blarned stone, w…
This is picture we took from Blarn…
This is picture we took from Blar…
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