Frustration and the Return of Daffy

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This is the three-story bike garage at Amsterdam Central Station.

        We began our day by taking bus 22 to Amsterdam Central Station, where we planned to validate our Eurail tickets, since we are heading to Belgium tomorrow. We also wanted to find a post office to mail the mirror Jason purchased on the previous day. When we got off of our bus, we headed down the street and along a major canal to the post office, which was a huge building. When we finally reached its doors, we went in to ask about mailing our package. The workers just looked at us and laughed. Appearantly, the building had not been a post office for at least four years now. However, they did tell us that we could take Tram #9 to Waterlooplein, where we would find a post office.

Daffy returns once again!
Discouraged after our failed attempt, we walked back to the train station to validate our tickets. After reaching the train station we learned that we needed both of our passports . Since Camping Zeeburg was holding mine, we couldn't validate the tickets. By then, we were completely frustrated that nothing was going as we had planned. Jason was tired of carrying a big package around, so we decided to head to Waterlooplein, mail the package, and then find a place to eat lunch. This time we successfully found the post office!

       After a frustrating morning, we returned to Dam Square, where we enjoyed spring rolls, chicken, and rice in a peanut sauce at a local Chinese restaurant. We then decided to walk out to the Red Light District. Neither one of us really cared if we went, but we knew it was a famous part of Amsterdam, so off we went. It was only a few blocks away, so we walked through one of the streets and quickly returned to Dam Square. Once back in Dam Square, we wanted to take a tram to Leidsplein, but we couldn't find one that would take us there. We walked around for what seemed to be an eternity and then reluctantly resolved to walk back to Leidsplein on foot along Prinsengracht. As we were walking back, we found the bar/cafe that we have enjoyed so much previously, called Cafe Het Molenpad.

        Upon reaching Leidseplein, we were exhausted from our walking and decided that we each deserved another waffle with chocolate! Therefore, we went to an Austrailian ice cream shop and ordered some! Unsure of what to do for the remainder of the day, we sat on a bench and were entertained by some street performers. Right in front of us was a lady who had a dog jump through hula hoops, jump over her back, and then play the piano and guitar. After enjoying the show, we decided to return to Camping Zeeburg so that we could start packing up for tomorrow.

        After organizing our backpacks in the tent, we heard some strange noises coming from outside, so we opened out tent to check things out. There was our little Daffy going through our trash. Daffy came up to the tent, craned his neck forward to see what was inside, and then waddled off to the side of our tent. We turned around, and there was Daffy's handsome face looking in from our back window. After that episode, it was 8 o'clock and Jason lay down to sleep a bit while I read my book. It was strange, because it didn't get dark in Amsterdam until about 10:30 at night. When 10:00 rolled around, Jason was still sleeping, but I wanted to to to the restaurant so I could charge my camera and write in my journal. So I went by myself and sat down with a warm cup of hot cocoa and my travel journal.

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This is the three-story bike garag…
This is the three-story bike gara…
Daffy returns once again!
Daffy returns once again!
photo by: pearcetoyou