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Chocolate Shop!

       This morning we woke up at about 10 am and had an hour to get out before the lockout  in the hostel from 11-3 pm. We walked over to the Grand Place, which is the focal point of Brussels. After taking numerous photographs, we strolled around the square in search of famous Belgium chocolate shops! Some chocolate shops that we visited included Leonidas, Neuhaus, Godiva, Royal Corne Port.

        We then went to have lunch on a Greek street populated with numerous Greek cafes, where Jason had gyros and I ordered a side of frites (French fries). I was saving room for my chocolate waffles! After enjoying our delightful lunch, we wandered around until we found Manneken-Pis, which is a famous tiny, bronze statue of a boy peeing a jet of water.

This is Greek Street, where we ate many delicious meals.
He has over 650 costumes, which the Belgians put on the statue. We ran a few more errands to the train station and ATM machines before we headed back to the hostel to take a quick nap. We usually aren't the napping type, but backpacking and walking throughout the cities can be exhausting!

        At about 6:20 we headed back to the Grand Place because there was a huge jazz marathon going on there that evening that we wanted to watch. Before sitting down and listening to the music, we returned back to the Greek street for dinner, where I had a maiz pita. After eating, we sat down at a table in the large courtyard, where they had a gigantic stage set up. The first people to perform were the Back 2 Normal Symfonik Orkestra, which was very different from the jazz we knew from America.

Jazz Festival
Next, Quentin Dujardin and Ivan Paduart, from Vivre performed, and their style was more familiar to us. In between performances we made a quick run for chocolate-covered waffles!

        By the time the last group performed, it was pouring down rain, but we decided to stay anyways. The group was called the Krazy Mess Groovers, and their lead singer was from Pakistan. We truly enjoyed their music, so we lingered on despite the fact that it continued to pour and we were drenched and freezing. Finally, at around 10:40, we couldn't take it any longer. We decided to leave and we literally ran all they way back to our cozy hostel. Upon arrival, we jumped into hot showers and then into bed!

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Chocolate Shop!
Chocolate Shop!
This is Greek Street, where we ate…
This is Greek Street, where we at…
Jazz Festival
Jazz Festival
photo by: Vlindeke