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My favorite snacks in Amsterdam! Waffles drenched in chocolate sauce and powdered sugar!

     Today we woke up around 11 am again, which would be unheard of back at home. We went to the reception room of our camping site where we bought a package of belgium waffles dipped in chocolate. This is a popular snack in Amsterdam, and we found an ice cream shop in Leidsplein where they serve them freshly dipped in chocolate and powdered sugar. We were definitely going to head to this ice cream shop later today, since I had to have one each and every day!

      Any way, we took the tram to Leidsplein again and went to have lunch at a pizzeria down the street, where we ended up eating two large pizzas. Following lunch, we strolled towards the Anne Frank House, which is where Anne Frank and her family hid during World War II from the Nazis.

Here is the bookcase that hid the staircase leading to Anne Frank's living quarters.
We walked through the office building and then the living quarters where Anne and her family hid. It was really incredible and sad to think that I was standing in the room where Anne Frank wrote her diary. Jason took a picture of me by the bookcase that hid the steps to their hiding place. I also bought a book about Anne Frank and the museum guide, both of which I am anxious to read.

        We then decided to return to Camping Zeeburg. Our plan was to spend two hours doing laundry, take showers, and then get ready to go to the Amsterdam Hard Rock Cafe later that night. Once we filled the washer tightly with all of our dirty clothes, we ran back to our tent because it was starting to rain. We spent an hour in the tent before determining that it was time to move our clothes to the dryer.

Here is our buddy and frequent visitor, Daffy!
When we opened the tent door, we found a black and white duck greeting us. It approached us even closer and began wagging its tail, as though it were a dog! I gave him a bite of my waffle, which he quickly swallowed whole. We decided to name him Daffy, and from then on, Daffy was always around to greet us as we exited our tent each day.

      After our first encounter with Daffy we moved our clothes to the drier. After one round in the dryer, they were still wet. After a second round in the dryer, they were still wet. We put them in for a third round and then sprinted back to our tent where we covered ourselves in our blankets because it was so cold and rainy outside! By this time, we realized that we would have to make our trip to the Hardrock Cafe on another day, since the dryer troubles were interfering with our schedules. Besides, we didn't want to have to battle the rain all night.

       Therefore, we decided to pick up our laundry, even though it was still wet, and then go to the camp restaurant for dinner. As soon as I unzipped the door of our tent, there was Daffy standing there waiting for us! We sprinted to the restaurant where we ordered a bottle of wine and two bowls of chili. We spent a few hours in the bar/restaurant with the other campers. We drank Sprite mixed with our sample Ketel One Vodka bottles and met a cat that roamed the bar. We named him Garfield and cuddled with him for a few hours as we read in the cozy restaurant.

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My favorite snacks in Amsterdam! W…
My favorite snacks in Amsterdam! …
Here is the bookcase that hid the …
Here is the bookcase that hid the…
Here is our buddy and frequent vis…
Here is our buddy and frequent vi…
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