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Leaving Buddhism behind, today we traveled to a sacred Hindu place of worship called Pashupatinath.  Many beautiful shrines and temples abound, but what was most bizarre was the cremation rituals, which we were privy to.  Hindus believe that all must be returned to the earth, so when someone dies, their body is burned by the river then tossed into it.  We watched the eerie sight as one person was cremated by the river banks.  Some of the kids were intrigued, others disturbed.  Paige was reminded of her grandfather at home, a bittersweet memory.

We continued taking everything in as we walked the grounds, observing brightly clothed and painted Sadhu men and sacred cows that roam freely.  The street tauts have a knack for picking the most vulnerable person from the crowd.

  Not only has Amy been the souvenir queen, but she was a Sadhu's 1st victim wanting money for placing a red "tika" pigment on her forehead and flowers in her hair.  It means wisdom and good luck - luck for him if he gets the money, luck for Amy if she didn't pay him.  A few other ODFL kids followed and tried not to wipe it off as they sweat throughout the day.

We continued to Bhaktapur City, which used to be the capitol of Nepal.  We stopped for another traditional lunch and Julia was able to eat a little bit of a spicy dish.  Go Julia!  This world heritage site hosts amazing wood carvings and many temples to admire.  I am so thankful Margaret has a gift for photography because there is so much in Nepal to take in. 

For dinner we went to a restaurant that had traditional Nepali dancing.  We ate a typical Nepali meal and everybody has been able to find something to eat that they enjoy.  Mike has been singing one of the common folk songs which he successfully was able to get into our heads after the show.  Our body clocks are still a bit off, so the kids were looking forward to getting to bed and setting off for the village.  Chaperoning has never been so easy!

magitles says:
Posted on: Jun 27, 2008
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