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We arrive in Hong Kong after a 13.5 hour flight and were anxious to take the city tour.  Our first stop was the Man Mo Temple. I laughed getting off the bus because it was so humid that my camera lens kept fogging and I couldn't get a decent photo.  Inside the temple hundreds of incense coils burned, making the temple smokey and aromatic.  Erin decided to test her luck by shaking the fortune sticks and getting her fortune read.  We traveled to the top of Victoria Peak but the clouds obscured the view for most of the time.  However, we did get a quick look as the clouds cleared over the city right as we were leaving.
From here we traveled to Aberdeen to take a sampan (boat) ride.
  We were able to view the fishing boats where many families live.  The kids were in awe of the high-rise apartment buildings and the lack of space in Hong Kong.
Our final stop was at Stanley Market where the kids were able to stop of lunch and shop for souvenirs.  The tour guide joked about buying a "I love Hong Kong" shirt, but after Sophie bought one and showed it off, it was coveted by a few of the other kids.
We returned to the airport for our 5 hour flight to Nepal.  Unfortunately Ray learned that travel doesn't always work out as planned.  Even though I had confirmed that it would be OK with the airlines, we were told there was no room on the plane for Ray's guitar so we had to store it in a locker at the airport.  By this time we were all delirious and silly and thankful to arrive in one piece to our hotel in Kathmandu. 
Driving up to our hotel was quite amazing.  It was once a royal palace but became private property 50 years ago.  The rooms were much simpler but still comfortable.  Unfortunately Kelly, Erin, Katie, and Julia had to share their rooms with a cockroach as I learned the next morning. 
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