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     This is a country of never ending amazement to me.
     Nothing could be better than the time we have had thus far. Yesterday continued to be clear all day. Casey and I loaded up the sunscreen and went down to the water yesterday, and carefully ventured out into the  coastline. The  Carribean here is not  the calm Carribean  I knew in Jamaica.  However, after braving the  outerbanks, these waves  were kittens. Just right amount of challenge to keep it from being boring, but quiet enough to  allow the salty  sea to keep me bouyant between the waves. We were very careful after hearing all of the stories of the difficult currents, but it was absolute heaven, and I never felt overwhelmed. It really was like a calm day at topsail! I hope it remains this way for us.

    Okay, back to yesterday...We rented bikes after our long swim, and headed to town. By the time we got there, I was sweating so much, I think I looked like a drowned rat. The roads are extremely bad, and my bum is very sore, today from the beating it recieved from the potholes, which are more numerous than the dirt, which is less prevalent than the rocks!
    The town was pretty cool. Lots of market stalls and restaurants and bars. Always dogs running around, and a few chickens, donkeys and horses wandering freely near the outskirts. Checking out the local eateries, we decided to have dinner at what was truly an oasis in a very crowded and busy town. The restaurant is Asian Fusion with beautiful Japanese lanterns inside, and a lovely tiled courtyard and pools and bridges outside. While waiting for dinner, we lounged outside with the humming birds and the lovely foilage.
     Casey enjoyed the owner's (grown on the property's pond) tilapita fingers that had a dipping sauce, and jasmine rice. I had sushi. YUM!!! What  a special treat. As night draws near, we head home. 
    More about  our evening later. It's time for breakfast, and  I won't miss the papaya.
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