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The first thing to layout for anyone considering Turkey and travels in this amazing country is that it is no longer the cheap off the beaten track back packer join it once was even five years ago.

Turkey is coming into its own. Its confident, its economy is in a boom, it is contending hard to be the first full on Islamic country to become a member in the EU. Pretty much, it is that pretty-in-a-subtle-way little thing you’ve been noticing for a while and have thought to go up and talk to them, but just haven’t done it yet.  Kind of like that girl that works at the coffee shop you like that dresses down and doesn’t wear makeup and has not yet realized the beautiful woman is inside. The kind of girl that no one else notices yet, just you (or so you assume.) That is until she gets that marvelous gay friend or a few girlfriends that decide to take her out on the town and now that girl that has some budding confidence, and she starts to dress to her potential and starts to radiate that beauty and confidence you once saw before all the glitz and makeover and now others are taking a notice and you kick yourself for not jumping on your chance sooner….

Where am I going with this is obvious- Turkey is now discovered and it is high on not just back packers but mid range and high end travelers list of places that are must-sees. The good news is, it is just discovered… it still has a massive long before and after high season opportunities to see it without the crowds and over saturation of July and August.  Also prices are just starting to climb… they will go higher. But for now, it can be affordable and it can be a place you feel you have all to yourself at times. Even Istanbul, one of the largest cities in the world gives an air of un-appreciation in such months as December and especially in March and even May.

But if your not careful, Turkey with its 18th largest economy in the world, booming tourism trade and Istanbul as the 8th most expensive city in the world, will such away at your bank account with the same fervor of Prague or Rome.

I hope to offer a few suggestions to stem the tide on this and help you find the best prices and at times not the best prices but most convenient price for the package. I will focus primarily on Istanbul since it is where I have spent a majority of my time (8 ½ months,) but I do have tips on some of the other hot sports in this country.

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photo by: Memo