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Koh Samui
Saturday, May 3, 2008

On the morning of 24-4-08 we left Ko Lanta Island, destined for Koh Samui.  We should have known that when it was pissing down with rain first thing in the morning that it wasn't going to be the best of days... An early start of 7am followed by a 2.5hr mini-van drive back to the mainland (Krabi) where we were dropped off at a gross little bus station to change buses. About 1/2 an hour later our next mini-van arrived and everyone piled in - Dave and I were in the front with the driver so it was a rather un-comfortable 2 hour journey for us people who aren't the size of midgets...  When we get to our next destination (Surat Thani, where the ferry to Koh Samui goes from) EARLIER than scheduled, we're told by the dodgy travel/bus agent that we were late so our connecting bus had left without us!! Load of bollocks really, but when you don't speak thai theres not much you can do... so we sit and wait for another 2+ hours for the next bus. 

While waiting, we and an australian couple decide to book a minivan together to takepick us up from the ferry terminal and take us to the beach we were all staying at on Koh Samui - dodgy travel agent man had told us it was 800baht for a van and encouraged us to book one together to save money, seemed like a good idea so we did!  We eventually make it on to the ferry no worries and get to Koh Samui sweet as - however when we arrive, we find our minivan we had supposedly chartered had also been sold to 5 other people, and because it was pissing down with rain here too the bags couldn't go on the roof rack and instead were shoved into the small area at the back of the van and onto peoples laps... not exactly what we paid for! We eventually get on the road with our maniac driver when about 20 minutes into the journey, the back door of the van flies open and bags start flying out into oncoming traffic! about 200m down the road, our retarded driver notices and finally tops.  Ofcourse one of the bags had to be mine - cheers. Back on the road again, and everyone gets dropped off until it's us 2, and another older couple.

We had been told our accommodation wasn't accessible by car - only by 4x4, so were rather suprised when the van took off up the hill... Next minute, the woman we were with starts screaming her head off, freaking out the driver and everyone else - screaming to be let out! I'll admit it was a little hairy, but no need to go apeshit...  So we had to stop half-way up the mountain and let her out before she smashed her way out of the van, then (quite fairly too) the driver decides he doesn't want to go further.  Dave and I decide to hike the rest of the way up in the dark with our packs (which weigh a ton).  About 15min later we finnally made it to 'The Jungle Club'.  Might not sound like much, but imagine yourself with an elephant on your back, trying to crawl up a dirt wall in the dark... hard yakka!

We were greeted by very friendly staff (who got us beers straight away) and a lovely Dutch couple who we're planning to meet when we get to Amersterdam.  Ended up drinking with the staff and our new Dutch friends into the wee small hours, with the evening ending in a poker game for the fellas.  The next night we ended up going ten-pin bowling with our dutch friends, some lovely aussie ladies who stay at the jungle club every year, the owners and their staff.  We ended up going home at 2am, and our driver managed to get the 4x4 stuck in about the same place Dave & I were stuck the night before!! More mountain climbing by moonlight... yay!

We've now been at the Jungle Club for 8 nights, and have no plans to leave anytime soon... will put some pics up soon - but it's a primo place up in the jungle overlooking Koh Samui - definately recommend it, and we've even talked about perhaps making it an annual trip too!
We made friends with another guest, an english bloke called Mark.  Those brits can drink... had an excellent night, drinking and playing pool with mad bar-girls (actually mad, one of them talked to herself) and ended up being out till 5am.  Then Dave (silly billy) made plans to meet up again the next night for round 2... Erin ofcourse was in no shape for 2nights in a row so Dave & Mark were out on their own.  Another 5am home-time for Dave, so needless to say he was not at all well the next day!

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Koh Samui
photo by: realrv6