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Vietnam - Ho Chi Min City
Friday, June 13, 2008

After another long 6hr bus ride we arrived in HCMC - we got the correct bus this time but somehow when we crossed the Thailand border into Cambodia the offical didnt stamp our passports... This was pointed out to us by our guide on the bus to Vietnam (yet more dramas), but he managed to sort this out with the border police (after half an hour of phone calls and waiting we were on our way and it didnt cost us any bribe money - very surprising).

Once in HCMC we were bombarded by the taxi and motor cycle drivers wanting to take us to a hotel, we decided to walk to a hotel and five minutes later we found a dive for US$10 per night.  We only stayed one night.

The Next day we found a nice hotel which is very clean, has hot water, satalite TV, and is in hte centre of the back packer area (US$17), so lots of restauraunts and bars.

We have visited the Cu Chi Tunnels and the War Remnants Museum - no photos this time, sorry.  The Cu Chi tunnels is where the Viet-Cong lived underground in a series of tunnels covering about 200sq km.  Pretty amazing, but seeming the tunnels are (obviously) underground, there's not a hell of a lot to see... If you wanted to, you could crawl into one of the tunnels and crawl for 90m to the exit - hardly our idea of fun!

The traffic here is amazing - trying to cross the road is a little daunting -  500 scotters coming at you at all directons takes nerves of steel as there is no traffic lights for padestions.  Luckily everyone stares at us (not only for our hotness, but I suspect it's because we're foreign), so they always see us crossing the road and manage to miss.  The trick is to look ahead and keep going...

Rugby 8th June -  We found a irish pub to watch the rugby last saturday night - and met a couple from Auckland who we had a few drinks with while watching the game and a few more to celebrate the win. - Lets hope the AB's beat England tomorrow. 

We fly to Bangkok on the 20th and fly to London on the 21st for two weeks.  We are currently looking at buying a campervan to tour Europe for four weeks, so if you know anyone selling a campervan in old London town, give us a yell.

A couple of strange things to happen to Dave thus far:

  • Thailand - back massage by a bloke while standing at a urinal (apparently this is commen)
  • Cambodia - Asked if he wants weed or boom-boom
  • Vietnam - Orderd a bowl of soup for lunch and got 4 bowls of soup. 
  • Vietnam - Asked if he wants to buy weed or Opium from a guy selling cigerates.


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