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Tuesday, Apr 1, 2008

Today (Monday) we got up early, went and found some breakfast - good old Mcdonalds was really the only appealing option... Spent a good 1-2 hours trying to update this website but managed to lose half of our work thanks to the crappy iternet connection and our hotel - so went and caught a Skytrain (mono-rail) to the part of Bangkok where longtail boat tours go from.  Paid for too much for a longtail boat tour through the river and surrounding canals to the 'Temple of Dawn' or 'Wat Arun' as it's known here.

The river and canals are filthy and full of rubbish, catfish and these cool water lizard things that look like a bright green, miniature kimodo dragons - when I say miniature, they're still about 2-3 ft long.  People still live on the canals in very dodgy looking stilt-houses/shacks, we even saw several groups of kids swimming in the murky canals... gross.  When we were passing a little temple in the riverboat, a little old thai woman extended a basket of bread down to us, (apparently baked by monks) we paid 10baht for a loaf to feed to the hundreds of catfish around us.  It's supposed to be good luck, and was pretty cool - you can hold the bread and they grab it from your hand.

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So we've been in Bangkok for nearly a week now, and so far we love it here.  The people here are real friendly and despite it's size, we feel very safe.

Our first hotel (Centre Point, Sukhmvit) was awesome - cheers to the Police Association for that! our 2nd hotel is not so flash - but it has a wicked pool to cool off in.

This is the view from our balcony at centre point - the view from our current hotel is the wall of the building next door...

Our first day here was spent at the MBK centre - the biggest shopping mall/market I have ever seen, it is incredible.  We spent over 3 hours wandering around and only saw a tiny portion of it - but because we can't really buy anything (unless we want to lug it around for the next few months) we were really just happy browsing anyway.

For dinner that night we went for a walk to a mexican bar/restaurant for nachoes and 2 for 1 Heinekens - pretty damn good actually. Dinner, dessert, 2 margaritas and about 7 beers cost about $40 nzd - so cheap! Dave loves it here... On the way home we stopped to buy some dvds and a shirt from a mute woman (there are a lot of mutes here for some reason) who squeaked hysterically at Dave until he finally bought one.  Everything here is open till about 10pm at night - it's awesome, but a bit difficult when we're trying not to buy stuff.  However I am now the proud owner of a Rolex and a Gucci watch...

Another night we went to a bar called Cheap Charlies - a classy little 'al fresco' bar selling 60baht Heinekens ($2nzd)... a sign on the wall read 'Ladies Toilet now open - wee only no shit' haha - people here are funny   After a couple of beers at Charlies, went for wander to another bar - an English pub called 'The Pickled Liver', with a big picture of George Best on the sign... I guess they haven't heard he died of something to do with his liver...  After a beer and a game of pool here, managed to get lost and ended up at a Thai restaurant for dinner.  I had an awesome green curry and Dave had a prawn curry.
TIP: Don't eat prawns from cities that are not near the sea... ask Dave what happens if you do. It's not pretty.

After tea we stepped out of the restaurant to find a baby elephant being led up the road - we paid 100baht to feed it, so gorgeous - but incredibly sad.


On Saturday night once (Dave had recovered from his bout of 'Bangkok Belly') we walked up the road a few blocks to meet friends Ross and Linda, who were staying at Linda's sister's apartment.

The evening started at a little place opposite their aparment called 'Dennys' where me and Linda found yet another elephant - this one was pregnant and blind in one eye... so sad!

After Denny's we walked to a fairly average restaurant called 'Brown Eyes - Chopsticks & Pasta'  Food was average... After dinner we got a taxi to a nearby red-light district to try and see a legendary 'ping-pong' show... What we ended up seeing wasn't quite table-tennis, but I held up a balloon and the Lady shot a dart at it and popped while I held it. Nice...

Next we saw Korean-Elvis at a bar called 'Country Road' - they even sang the John Denver song it's named for... Dave loved it. The rest of the evening was a blur of cheap cocktails, elephants and half-dressed women...

photo by: Deats