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I also took a small group of my Youth Group (Orlando, FL) Spelunking in Tennessee; I am sorry I could not tell you exactly what caves we went into; I know it was near Chattanooga, TN.  We camped out…one of the kids through gas on the fire and flames went up to 90’ tall….I ran grabbed some water in a bucket and cut the fire horizontally to stop the fire from going any taller and catching the forest on fire!  The next day we went to a small cave area and camped there too.  That was an awesome night, we broke up into teams of 4 and went exploring.  One of the teams that I was on we went through crawl space after crawl space till 1 am in the morning when I told them ok time to head back.  After talking with the owner he pulled out a map he has been charting the cave with….we found a whole new section he did not know about!  How Cool!

The next day was quite a day….

into a big cave with repel gear and all; each had a head lamp with back up batteries, food and water.  We went in and there was a cave in!  The terrain changed that we could only push forward.  The two guides we hired knew the cave well and told me there was only one way to go.  One point we had to cross a natural bridge, just a slab of rock with a 200’ drop off on each side.  We used the ropes to secure each one crossing but had no extra ropes if anyone froze from fear in the middle. Thank You Lord we made it across…cold and hungry we rested a bit and hugged each other for warmth.  Then we came to the area we called the “butt slide” because we used cameo lights to show the way we wanted them to go but you had to sit in mud and slide down; I got up a hill to oversee and yell directions down too them.  if you went too fast you would go over the edge 200’ all they had to do is keep it slow and make that turn then go on down….
.One kid named Patrick I was yelling at him at the top of my lungs as he came to the edge and almost died!  We had used the main batteries and had already used back up batteries in most of the lames; I even gave my back up batteries away and when my light lost power I used a small Mag Light and made it out of the cave using it…it died but I could see the sun light coming in the cave to make it the rest of the way out.

Wow, what a trip to remember!  And YES I will and have gone again!  Anyway the photos of this TN trip are just a few of the first cave; I did not take it into the big cave….most photos will not come out anyway.

I have spelunked in NM, TN, TX and even Japan!

So now you know what Spelunking is!  Now Try It, unless your closeaphobic!
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Food Fight!
Food Fight!
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