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Flight number three. LAX-HNL.

Over the past three days I've spent a total of 19 hours in airports/in the air.

And do you know what seat I've had on all three flights?


that's right, D.

do you know what that means?

nothing. it means nothing because there is no possible way to be comfortable on a plane for any extended period of time, sleeping or otherwise, no matter what seat they put you in.


Actually, I didn't intend to begin this whole thing negatively. In fact, besides the whole saying goodbye end of things, I'm already having an amazing time. I'm already feeling a bit more put together.

Figures. Make me live out of a bag and I suddenly feel “put together.”

Let me begin by saying that my layover in Cincinnati ended up being a layover in Cleveland. Turns out I've been telling everyone (and myself) the wrong city. No real problems there, however, as long as I made it to Los Angeles at the end of the day. By flight number two, that is Cleveland to LA, I started to settle into life in the air, making friends with my neighbors—a 78 year old cross-eyed farmer, a pilot—roughly age 12--with a speech impediment, and a young, overweight gay couple from LA. It was a real party.

My spare time, in between meaningless chatting with said neighbors, consisted of cruising the “Sky Mall” magazine, in which I found numerous worthy purchases waiting to happen—including, but not limited to a T-Rex Trophy wall plaque:

and the Big Foot Garden Yeti Sculpture:

It's moments like those that make a person really anxious to settle into their own place...but for now I suppose all that glory will have to wait. For now, I watch the Nanny Diaries on planes (shaking my fist at the guy who made that decision) relish in the free drinks, and double and triple check that I have my wallet, cell phone, camera, chargers, laptop, passport, and next boarding pass.

Chapter II: Los Angeles..

The city I've consistently loved to hate, yet consistently toyed with taking up residence in. What is that about? Maybe it's the fact that there isn't much work in New York anymore. Maybe it's because it's the only place you can get a bit of experience in the entertainment industry and actually be compensated for it. Maybe it's merely because it's all I've seen of the west coast. Or maybe it's really because I have wonderful friends out there, as well as a great base for a small network. But I don't want to be an actor.......................right?

Let's not even go there right now. For now, we'll stick with the fact that I had an awesome time seeing everyone and strolling around West Hollywood. Overall I spent about 34 hours in LA yet somehow managed to spend one on one time with everyone. In 34 hours I was shuttled from the airport by Andrew Schlapinski in Sarah Raeke's pickup truck, slept for about 4 hours, explored West Hollywood by foot with Sarah, landing at her work, Joan's on Third, where I met Kyle for lunch, then parted and walked down Melrose where an old Asian man modeled pink and yellow dresses for me whilst dancing around his store in an attempt to make me buy one (I did), hiked Runyon Canyon at sunset with Andrew, Ryan, Erin and their dog, Shay, and finally met up with Jess for a drink and a night at Groundlings for an improv show. It was a wonderful night, and although Jess couldn't convince me to split french fries with him at the bar earlier, he somehow later managed to get me to split one of the ever famous LA cupcakes that are about the size of my face. I don't get it either. Good thing I have to fit into a bathing suit in two hours.
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