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Well I got to kibbutz Ma'agan, which is on the southern tip of the sea of galilee. Well when I got there I asked to see the guy I knew who ran the resort part of the kibbutz. I asked him if I could get a room. Keep in mind that the resort was completely empty! He said sure I can give you a room just give me $150! I said "DUDE, WTF!" i thought we were friends, just hoom me up. He wasn't having any of it, so he told me go see if the volunteers have any room. So I went in search of the volunteers, and I found my people, I met a guy from Australia, and a dude from norway who would let me sleep on the floor of their room. But not before we went to the volunteers bar and got trashed. We ended up staying up getting super drunk and talking about where we were from. It was the first time i'd ever really talked to anyone not from america about america. That's when I began to realiuze what complete assholes many americans are when they travel. Anywho we woke up around the crack of noon, thety went off to work and I decided to go back to Bet She'an and walk farther west in hopes of getting to kibbutz Gi'dona where a friend of mine had stayed for 2 years and I figured I could get work. So i ate 2 bananas and off I went walking the 22km to Bet She'an. Boy was I retarded, this time I brought water, and I started early in the day. But what I didn't take into account, and this is sort of important, is that the Sabbath starts at sunset on friday night! Ss of course I rolled into Bet She'an all proud of myslef around sunset, only to find everything closed and no buses running. So I spent the night sleeping on the ground behind the bus station. At this point I was pretty sure Jack Kerouac was full of shit.

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Sea of Galilee
photo by: cotton_foam