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So I arrived in Be'er Sheva safe and sound and realized it was Friday, so I was in big trouble. Luckily I was able to hitch-hike to a little inn/motel whatever you want to call it, and hole up until saturday night when things got moving again. So Irepeated the process I had done inthe north of going from Kibbutz to Kibbutz looking for work. I might want to mention that there is a very ditinct difference between the north of Israel and the south. mainly that one is green and has water (the north) and the other is a complete desert (the far south). so I hitch-hiked my way south never thinking about what would happen if I got stuck. My first night out I hitched with a mid-twenties Israeli dude who worked at the Isrotel Ramon-Inn, he took me there with him, where I met some other young Israeli's one of whom was named Rafi (i think that's how you spell it) anyway he had a pad in Mitzpe Ramon and he let me crash there for the night. The next day he told me I was stupid for going south, that I should just go north and get an agency, but of course I was a dumbass who had to prove that I knew everything there was to know. He did tell me to get pretty far south of Mitzpe Ramon and that there was a line of Kibbutz' farther south near Eilat. So I set out to hitch a ride south. My first stop was at Kibbutz Lotan where I was politely told that they needed no workers at that time, but to come back in a few weeks. Which didn't really help me much, the next Kibbutz south was Ketura, where once again I was politely refused. What I planned to be my last stop of the day was Kibbutz Grofit, which sits on top of this huge hill. when I got there I got a chance to meet the person in charge of volunteers, she was an english lady named Deborah. she told me that it was Kibbutz policy not to take anyone who hadn't gone through an agency, but that Kibbutz Yotvata, which was farther south, and actually visible from Kibbutz Grofit, did sometimes take people like me. now if you're from Israel or have been there you've undoubtedly heard of Yotvata chocolate milk, Kibbutz Yotvata is where it's made and what it's named for. Now here is where you need to listen closely about what not to do in the desert. It's true that I could see Yotvata from Grofit, but that didn't mean I could walk there before dark, but like a dumbass I decided to try. more about that in my next installment.
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