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so after i awoke and discovered that i could indeed still see yotvata, i thanked the bedoiuns the best way i could and began walking. after a good 2 hour trek i arrived. i discovered that yotvata has a very large volunteer population. a great many of them are enrolled in a program to learn hebrew. but once again SURPRISE! they all came through a service. at this point i felt completely defeated so i decided to catch a bus back to jerusalem. so i waited around until a bus came in from eilat, and off to jerusalem i went, back to the hostel i had been at, and back into a good sized crate of beer. so i'm sitting there drowning myself in carlsberg, when the proprieter of the hostel sits down beside me and asks what the trouble is. so i tell him, i'm going to have to loook for a job or something, because i'm almost out of money, and i can't find a kibbutz, so i figured i'd get drunk and forget about all of it. so he of course asked me if i'd been to a service to help find me a kibbutz. this was starting to get ridiculous, i was beginning to think that there might have been a little bit of wisdom in this whole "service" thing. so i swallowed my pride and told him that i hadn't gotten a service. he in turn told me i was a dumb ass. of course he had two very good friends that ran such a service and he would be happy to set me up with them. all i had to do was scrounge up enough bus fare to get to tel aviv which i did immediately and off i went. 
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