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So after I awakened at sunrise on a lovely winter morning in northern Israel, I walked back to Bet She'an and caught a bus to Jerusalem. OF course I had only american money, because I'm an idiot. So I had to scramble for shekels until a nice Israeli soldier exchanged my money with some of hers and squared me away. I can't say how good it felt to not walk somewhere, I used the time on the bus to regroup, and to take in a bit of the countryside. when I got to jerusalem I decided to spend the night in a real bed and to get a decent meal. I went to the old city because I know it better and entered in Jaffa gate. I remembered seeing a hostel by the Citadel, or atleast that's the way I remember it. It claimed that Herman Melville or Mark Twain or someone had stayed there once. I can't remember the name of it, but if anyone out there knows it, hit me up. So I got into the hostel which was ok as hostels in the middle east go, you could get a private room for $20 or a dormitory room for I think it was $4. So I got a dormitory room which held myself two japanese dudes who spoke nothing but japanese as far as anyone could tell, two german guys, one form the east and one from the west (people still talked about that then), two guys from denmark and a chick from denmark who was with one of them. So I hung out tried to pick up a little info from the fellow travelers at the hostel. The two german guys told me where I could get a fake passport if I ever found myslef in Jordan, and how to smuggle alcohol into egypt and radios into china from india. Unfortunately neither of them knew anything about kibbutz's that needed workers. The japanese guys seemed nice, but there was a bit of a language barrier. the danes on the other hand, hooked it up! One of them, who's name was stefan told me I could find work way down south. So I decided to drink a little bit a bunch of us started drinking in the common room, throwing back some Carlsberg's (why is there Carlsberg beer everywhere on the planet but the U.S.? it's likes earth's budweiser, but I digress). I had a great time hanging out with people from everywhere on the planet. It was a great night but It would lead to yet another retarded decision by yours truly. to be continued...
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