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so i hopped on a bus and off to tel aviv i went. i got to the agency, and i can't remember the name so don't ask. there was a middle aged israeli lady working, so i told her the dude from the hostel sent me and she ushered me right in. i told her i just wanted to get to a kibbutz already, and relayed as much of my story as i felt was relevant. she, like everyone else in the country, told me i was an idiot for not just going through a service, and i told her that she needed to read "on the road". she asked me what part of israel i wanted to go to and i said i'd prefer the south. she said that was good because there was virtually no work in the north. and what kibbutz did she line up for me? kibbutz grofit! so now i would get to ride anotyher bus almost to eilat, to go back and see deborah, now that i'd gone to a service, and get to work. so i'd secured my secret kibbutz volunteer decoder ring, what next? that's easy, i went back to jerusalem went to the hostel, got totally blitzed on tuborg because they were out of carlsberg, and left the next day. i suppose i should have written this blog about all of the sweet historical places i saw in israel, but that's for another blog. this one is just for how freakin stupid/unlucky/lucky/naive and whatever else i was when i was 18. if you actually read this far then i'm, sorry it didn't end better. but what are ya gonna do?

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Tel Aviv
photo by: JulieFrenchi