Being 18 and not knowing any better, those were the days!

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So I had a great night sitting up with a bunch of people from all over the world, throwing back some brews and learning about all kinds of interesting places. I now had a place to go to find a kibbutz, so I should be good right? WRONG! The next day when I got up some of theg uys from the night before, asked if i'd like to stay in Jersualem for a couple days and hang out. being 18 and not knowing any better (isn't that a sweet reference to the title, that's skill baby!) I said "sure, I'm a hep cat, lets hang out". I think that was the first time i've been drunk for 3 straight days in my entire life. I learned quite a few things, such as, never try to match a russian drink for drink with vodka. Or how about, never sit down on a bus in Israel before ensuring that no older women are seatless. Or don't fall asleep on the bus to the bus station or you'll end up at yad vashem (the holocaust museum) and realie you are nowhere near where you need to be. Those are just a few of the nuggets of widom I picked up. Oh yeah one more, don't go drinking for 3 days and spend all your money! Apparently my dad was right all along and money indeed, does not grow on trees. So when I awoke on thursday morning feeling like hammered puke I came to discover I had no money left. So I went to the post office (in Israel you can get money at just about any full-service post office) and called my parents and begged them to wire me money. Unfortunately I had to wait 24 hours for it to go through, so I went back to the hostel and got a room by helping to clean up dinner. by the way, the hostel was run by these 2 ex-pats one from new york and i'm not sure where the other one was from, but if that helps anyone recognize it, than that's sweet. The next morning I got up ran to the post office, and got my money, I then ran to the bus station and got the first bus to Be'er Sheva / Eilat. Of course I wasn't thinking about what day it was, Friday! Oh yeah, i'm a slow learner. So I got on the bus and off I went to the Negev. to be continued.
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photo by: daynnightraveller