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Off trekking in the annapurna mountains for 5 days.  The initial itinerary was to fly from Pokhara (700m) to Jomosom (2,700m) hike up to the sacred Muktinath the first day and then spend the remaining 4 days descending down to Beni.  Due to bad weather on our first day though, Jomosom airport was closed so we were left with two options: either stay in Pokhara and wait for good weather - which could result in cutting down our trek - or get a car to Beni at 800m and spend the next 4 days hiking up to Muktinath, at 3,780m. We chose the latter.

Destination for day one was Tatopani, which translates in Nepali as hot (tato) water (pani).

The natural hotspring was a great ending to the first day
It's known for its natural hot spring and is a popular stopping destination for trekkers. Since we had already lost valuable time waiting for the airplane in the morning, we had to drive from Pokhara to Beni and then find a bus or jeep to take us to Tatopani. Walking would have to be suspended to day 2. The taxi to Beni was easy. 5 people in a small car heading up the mountains in a 3 hour drive. Beni to Tatopani was not so easy.

After having lunch in Beni (which resulted in a really nauseous stomach) we got on the local bus which wasnt so bad - although our guide, Prem, may have a different opinion! There were not enough seats for all of us so he just climbed to the roof of the bus! After a really bumpy ride up the mountains we reached a point where the bus could go no further. What we needed was a jeep. And luckily enough, a jeep was there! The only problem? How do you fit a full bus of 16-20 people in a jeep. Well, you can, if you make sure that you use the jeep's boot as seating area: and there were 7 of us in the jeep's boot!! Thankfully, only an hour of driving left... until the road finishes.

From there we hiked the last couple of kms and here we are, in Tatopani, enjoying the hot spring!

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The natural hotspring was a great …
The natural hotspring was a great…
The raging Kali Gandaki river
The raging Kali Gandaki river
photo by: Stevie_Wes