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    I spent 5days/4nights on El Nido,Palawan. It's such a great experience to myself. The island is remote. I stayed in the main part of the island. Even though i said "the main part", there's still nothing much,some basic western style pubs and restaurants.People are so is pretty good overall. I luv the food at El Nido Boutique & Art Cafe so much though.I ain't a big fan of pizza.but I luv the pizza at the cafe.I miss the fries so much as well.if you'v been thailand or phillippines,you may agree wz me.the taste of fries from those places are so different.they'r much sweeter.I totally fell in luv wz the fries.
Make sure you would check out the little islands aroud.It's totally a paradise for scuba diving or even just snokelling. the marine life is so varied.I'v seen a turtle there.How lucky I'm! Back to the island,it's so rural to me,as there's no much infrastructure.Communication-only few shops can offer you to make local or international phone calls as well as internet service.  Electricity-i don't think there's any public electricity available on the island.As I found the info about the island,only few big hotels,which are not on the main part of the island,and couple restaurants have their own electicity generator. gernerlaly,there's no electricity during the day time.electricity only available btw 7pm to 2am. walking along the street after may find few stores and restaurants have couple lights on. As there's only two main restaurants you could watch TV at,local people would all pack outside of one main flat to have their only entertainment at night. if you are a big fan of TV,maybe,you would have a big problem.However,I do think it's definately a good chance for you to spend real time with your accompanies.Plus,I was really lucky to have 3 typhoones hitting the island at the same time during my stay there.the wind was so strong to cause quite a big demange on the island. In my 2nd night there,I came out from the dinner,the roads were broken and boats watered up on the road.Local were all busy to get rid of the water flooded in the flats.I felt so sorry for them. Due to the strong wind,the electricity was out of service for whole nights.You had to walk in the dark.I finally realize that electricity is such a luxury thing.We'r totally spoiled in a bigh city to wast so much electricity during our daily life.
even though I couldn't stay out for any activities for one day,but stucked indoors for playing cards n games,I still had so much good time from this trip.It's definately worth to visit.
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