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…picking up where I left off… Maracas Bay was pretty much as expected. Apparently Sundays there can be a real scene of skin, drinking, and loud stereos, so I went on Saturday. A lot of the roads here are hilly and windy, and the one to Maracas is no exception. But once there the beach was very family oriented and nicely sized, plenty of palm trees and nice showers to change in. There are several other beaches north and south of Maracas which are supposedly nicer and quieter, but then you’d miss out on…

Richard’s Bake’n'Shark!

It was pretty amazing. I had one for breakfast, hit the beach, and then had another for lunch. The guy that cleans the salsa bar said “Ah you’re back!” And I was surprised until he reminded me he was on my bus to the beach this morning.
The famous bake 'n' shark sandwich, or shark'n'bake depending on which sign you read
The funny (or sad) part is the literally 16 other stands with bake’n’shark, most of them close like at 1pm or are closed for the season. Richard’s usually has a line and stays open until dinner. I mean, you’d have to make a lot of trips to the beach to find out if anyone else makes one close to the original.

I’m not a big fried food eater, not even french fries, but this fried sandwich on the fried roll is a piece of culinary art. Quite possibly the King of Fish Sandwiches. It is very much all about the sauces in the Caribbean and those cucumbers you see on there were just perfect cool compliment to the nuclear hot sauce. The green garlic sauce was still with me the next day. Shark is a very dark flavored fish but I’ve had it here twice now, the sandwich and fried nuggets, and I kinda like it.
clips of Trinidad 2008 pan finals
It was worth the trip.

Last week one of my travel forum friends said “Wow you take so many trips, you must make bank!” Those that know me well, know I can be a little thrifty with the money. I like to call it being smart. My ex- used to have a little “Cheap Bastard” song she would sing when I would exhibit this behavior. (kidding of course). But being smart can allow, well… 2 or more international trips per year eh? So I guess it all just depends on your perspective and priorities.

I say this because it was not coincidental that I chose April 17 for my arrival date. I needed to take a trip sooner rather than later because I have a summer project at work. April 15th seems to be the date “Low Season” starts in T & T meaning the prices drop significantly in hotels. Someone cue the “Cheap Bastard” song.

Ok so no travel experience in a foreign country is complete, or gives you the “expect the unexpected” feeling quite like the notorious ferry ride. If you haven’t read my entire blog, I can sum up each ride in one word:

Hong Kong: Tourists
Bali to Java: Circus
Thailand: Vomit
Spain to Morocco: Frustration
Trinidad to Tobago: Party!

On a Sunday evening the ferry is pretty full with people who came over for the weekend. Boy once we left dock and that bar opened up things got pretty loud and wild. There was a guy with a guitar, some loud gossipy ladies, and an impromptu casino of card tables really hootin it up behind me, and then the first movie they showed was a corny Kung Fu movie circa 1979. Now that was unexpected. It was a 2.5 hour ride, I soaked up the people watching, ate a snack, listened to some ipod, and did some reading.

There was an 8 (or so) year-old boy with his mom, who was starting at me from across the aisle. After we left dock he jumped over and sat down next to me, and I said ‘what’s up?’ He said ’so I can see the TV better.’ hehe. I noticed that he looked a little malnurished, and I asked him a couple of times if he wanted anything, he said no. I got him an apple anyway which he devoured.

So I’m in Tobago now. I’m going to save some stories for later, and post this tonight from my Blackberry cause that’s the only internet access I have here. I’m going to go to another town tomorrow that has some.

But damn is it sleepy and quiet here! I expected a few more tourists. Today I was the only person swimming in the giant pool. Tonight I was the only person eating in a restaurant in the sleepy dive town of Speyside. Compared to all the other places I’ve been, it’s downright shocking. I guess that’s what I asked for huh? Peace, quiet, gorgeous…
kflet33 says:
I LOVE richards! I went for spring break (a week) and had it 3 times! haha
Posted on: Jun 18, 2008
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The famous bake n shark sandwich…
The famous bake 'n' shark sandwic…
clips of Trinidad 2008 pan finals