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I was really excited to visit Maine, but somewhat apprehensive as this wedding was thrown together in no time at all and seemed to be the single-handed effort of Golda and her brother.

Took the red eye out to NY, had a 4 hour layover in which I visited 6 terminals in order to do starbucks shops (kill time, make a few bucks), and saw army guys with huge machine guns on the LightRail checking on security from terminal to terminal.

I got into Portland, Maine, drove a rented Ford Taurus 50 miles South to York Harbor, and got terribly lost because they closed off the main streets for some sort of Harvest Festival. Man, American cars are seriously not built for Asians/short people. I was *this* close to needing to sit on a telephone book to look over the dash. Luckily the newer Ford models allow you to adjust the seat height, and not only the back rest angle. Whew, close one there.

York Harbor was really pretty and the Lobster, as you can see was huge! But really, it wasn't more beautiful than say, Huntington Beach, or Malibu. And it was really damned cold.

Maine was somewhat disappointing. I was only there for 20 hours, but between the frigid weather (I kept getting hives due to the rapid weather change), the lack of diversity, and the sedate lifestyle, I don't think it's a place I'd visit again anytime soon.
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York Harbor
photo by: jenn79