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Nothing around me

Well, I don't remember how many times I went to Libya but everytime it seems like the first one. I usually work with this country so I have the chance to go there often during the year but is such a big country that I can spend all my life visiting that I could not see all.

This time I moved from Tripoli to Sirt by car, I did not stop to Leptis Magna 'cause I already visited different time. Than I moved to Banghazi,Derna and back...all by car, excepet the air transfer from Tripoli to Benghazi.Tks to my work I can see places that usually tourist can't see and all of this tks to my customers.

Libya is a beautiful place to visit.

It's a safe place for any foreigner, since I go there I never had one problem. Of course, anyone goes there has to know that if you can't adapt is better to stay at home.

I lived in Libya from 1980 up to 1985, I was child, but it has been a fantastic experience.

I was born in Italy but I grew-up in Libya. I've been lucky, because I had the chance to grow free, without restriction. No fear about cars,no delinquency, just living free. My pets were one dog, called Rolly, and Chameleon without name.

Unforgettable time.

Tripoli is the capital city, quite crowed, heavy traffic but let's say that it's nice and safe.

Things to visit in Tripoli: museum located at the green square, the old city,romans ruin in the center, with the Arch of Marcus Aurelius.

Approx 65/70km west of Tripoli there is Sabratha a Roman city.

Sabratha is inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

It's an archeologica site, with a amazing theatre,christian basilica, mosaic floors,seaward baths...

Approx 130/140 km east of Tripoli there is Lepti Magna, was a prominent city of the Roman empire. The site is one of the most spetacular I've ever seen.

It's a complete city, with market place, theatre, gym, basilica, port. Some pics are posted.

Moving to the east area of Libya, Benghazi area, at approx 200km east benghazi there is Cyrene. Romans and Greek ruins.

Cyrene was an ancient Greek colony.

Famous is the Temple of Apollo,Temple of Zeus and the Necropolis.  

Than, if you like to get some sensational emotion you have to visit the desert. Very famous area to visit are:

Ghat oasis, Ghadames oasis, is the are of Ghat, Ghadames, Jufra oasi and Kifra oasis.

Are beautiful beacuse these area got diversity of landscape...from mountains to desert dunes...terrific.

At the moment in Libya is forbidden alchool, there isn't nightlife, no pub, no disco...nothing but I belive that is a place to visit.

Libyan people are friendly and I believe than as soon as they reach a good standard level of Touristic facilities, Libya will become one of the most important site to visit.

They got a wonderful sea, wonderful site to visit.

If someone need some info...I'm here....


ken2010 says:
Thank you for this interesting review! I m planning to make a short trip to Libya from Tunisia in a couple of weeks, if I success with all the formalities... Really look forward to it. :)
Posted on: Jul 03, 2010
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Nothing around me
Nothing around me
Watch out...camel on street
Watch out...camel on street
Fuel station: view to right side
Fuel station: view to right side
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Fuel Station: view from left side
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