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The day is over and I still have a lot of work to do. I am tire, hungry and feeling that I didn’t enjoy my day.

Maybe one of my problems is that I didn’t found what I really like to do in life or my “passion”. I have a really clear idea of what I like to do and how I want to do it. I guest we all know that answer. In my case, the things that I like to do are not valuate in this society.

In this industrialize world the only things are valuate are all related to produce more of the same, or find new way to sale more “stuff”.

Any kind of art that can be music, painting, poetry, or even cook is not valuated even though we need them to live and usually and the end of the road those are the only thing we remember.

Spend time with your family or friend in this community. I am sure that is something wrong, but I don’t know what.

People in general should find way to produce in more efficient ways. I agree with that, but if I find the way to produce let say 10 cars in a short period I would still producing 10 cars and use the rest of the time in something else. The system we live in it know produce 20 cars, so know I need to find way to sale those extra cars and make the idea that at 10 years old car is a old car and you should through it in the garbage to get another one.
What I about if I give you the opportunity in your life to buy just one car for all your life, one boat and one airplane and the only thing you can change to experience something different is your holidays.

I heard ones that if you spend just one day in all the beaches in the world that are good for surfing you would spend 15 years going through all of them.
Think how many things are you going to miss when you choose to buy another car instead of taken a trip or maybe now you don’t have

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Today is a little be cold. The island is pretty quite so, I am going to spend all my day in the computer updating the info about my reviews in the area.

I really enjoy so much what I am doing. I wish one day we as a human being realized what matter in life and would give more value at those things.

I don’t know the exactly number but we all know that in America we spend a lot of money in stuff and so little to spend in our vacations.

We have to start voting with all dollars the things we value the most. For those who change their car every year, just hold the car for a while and spend that money with you family taken a trip. You can simple stay in the house for a week, cooking having dinner together, etc.

At the end of the road we always remember our good moments and never the new TV that I bought in 1965.

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