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After a wonderful afternoon of Wandering around the Bavarian castles we returned on the bus to Munchen. It had been a long day and we needed to get some more currency. So we jetted over to the bank across the street and got in line. We were talking about getting to the train to head to Zurich when I noticed something: Darla didn't have her pack. And for that matter, neither did I. We had been in such a rush to get to the bank before it closed, we forgot to get our big packs that carried the rest of our traveling gear from under the bus! We made a bee-line back to the bus and arrived to find it had gone. Neither of us knew the number or name of the bus line though we'd been on it all day. All I could remember was that it started with"Ober...something". I managed to find the bus company through information and found out the overnight bus despot was way down in the industrial district and would be closing soon. Not wanting to leave or possibly have or stuff taken, we hailed a cab and told the driver where we needed to go. It was a loooong ride. Fortunately for us he spoke some English and when we arrived convinced the workers of the bus company to let us in and get our things. After thanking the bus company guys, and getting back into the cab, we both started laughing. Man had we screwed up! We tipped the cab driver the same amount as our fare, to and back to railway station, for all he had done. He was quite happy. After thanking him profusely, we realived it was too late and we were too tired to mess with a train that night. We'd arrive too late to set anything up in Zurich. So we stayed at the Hotel Pension Luna (see review) which was located just three blocks down from the rail station.  We found a bite to eat, and walked  down to the square (Markenplatz?) and watched the Glockenspiel strike out its bells. We were beat so  we headed back to the hotel. Hopefully, Zurich wouldn't be as trying!
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