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8.30 PM @ Bugis Station

I beleive...eveything happen to me its because of destiny!!

Najiah is also the one of my destiny from TB!

I hv been booked a flight for my trip with mum to Singapore for along time, finally my mum decide, she do not go with me because she love my son and my daughter (Cat) than me!!!hahaha

A few week before trip to Singapore, i am no idea about what to do, what to eat, or the place to sleep in Singapore eventhough only 3 days there

I hv been SG almost 5 to 6 times in 2 year for work. Only for work  1 or 2 days and flight back bkk!! i am so sad i hv to go alone..i need to go with mum..ya..true!! i need my mum to travel with me before she getting old and old!!  I wanna feel i  am completely be a good daughter.

Najiah and Joy!
.. i know time is fly as the arrow, i dont wanna feel i did not something with my lover during they have a live! That's why i try to find my time to travel with her..but fail! Hey 's not seriously like that....i only wanna guide it's because of destiny..if my mum go to SG with me, i might not met "Cameron Dias @ Singapore" heheh

I Know Najiah because of Ratu friend from TB, he introduce and guarantee this gal is very very nice! So let's ask her some suggestion coz i hv not book accomadation yet!! Okey!! Let's me deal with her!!! Ohh Yeahhh..

I am failing in love Najiah smile at first (no no i am not LB), i feel her smile look like some one..and let's keep it in my mine.  I communicate with her a few thru comment by asking about cheaper accomadation.

What is this??? I love it!
.and Woo!! She guide me a good one " Sleepy's Sam" i do love this place!! It's not expensive and nice place.. only 25 SGD per night for dorms!! (Thank u Najiah!!! )kiss kiss  (^o^).. We are very simple talking thru this site..haha..i think she mightbe surprise about me..she do not know she is a wrong think to meet a crazy gaL from BKK ..hooo hooo...

 I stil hv to go to SG alone...until the day before my bestie decide to go with...again i note my friend that i hv to meet a gaL from TB site, if she wanna see Najiah gaL let's go with me to meet her! Haha.. of course, The gaL is the GaL,  we dont think it would be hard to communicate let we drive a Singaporian GaL crazy with us!!!

I texted Najiah to confirm again " See u at Bugis station exit B at 8.

30 PM, we will hv to dinner and hangout together!!!" 

8.30 PM!!!

8.00 PM :OMG!! Just back from sightseeing!!! We need to shower but we hv only 30 minute. Let's go to do everything faster!!

8.25 PM :  I notice we will go to hangout tonight, i hv been hv experience in BKK, they are not allow to wear slipper! OMG!! I hv not enoughtime..if i run with high hill shoe!!...i run with slipper and hold high hill shoe!! ..i am late about 5 or 10 minute!!! I hope she wil not arrive yet!! I and Joy (my friend run and see a little gal ..there !!! Yuppeee..that's she!! Woo..little gaL!! haha...i am become a big gal comparing with her!

Woo..first meet Najiah is very impression!! She hug me with wormming!! A warm hug from little GaL, good! ( haha she forget to kiss me!!) .

..after we talk abit about what i was do today..i am so hungry, so we decide to find something to eat first and then hangout!

After a dinner!!

Najiah bring me to hangout at Clarke Quay ..maybe Maxican pub and restuarant, we try a big glass of Tequila straberry!! woo good taste Najiah!!  We talk talk alot ... and i can feel Najiah is a shy gal than i expect ..haha..i think i am a shy gal but Najiah look so shy than me!! hehe....

Remember!? Najiah.. i told u i am a shy gaL!!!! hahaha...but u laughing me!!

She alway laughing what i said..Hey hey!!! What's u laughing!!!! Hohohho..crazy and mad that night!!I am not a joker but its my joB!!! .. Najiah show me a lot of place, and she finally kiss me infront of crowd in Crake Quay.

Aowww...i am not LB!!! hahah..Her kiss for Dodge!!

Again..Lady and  Gentlemen ..i am guarantee, i and Najiah are not LB but because of she get drunk..haha..i am kidding!! IT's because of she remind that Dodge, my amazing princess in my Gang ask her to kiss me!! So, she remind it when we are in crowd!!! Haha..we are not shy ...and take a photo!! Ooop!!! heheh...

waahhhhahhh...time is fly as the arrow and very fast.. til midnight or 1 AM!

OMG!! Is it okey her to still hangout with, she said, of course!!  haha..she surprise that i told her..Okey! LEt's go to show me another pub  and hangout together!!...haha. so sorry Najiah, i dont know u hv to hangout with friend that night!!! I found that she hv appointment with her friend to hangout with so let her leave and take some pix with her!!.

Love u too!! Najiah!!
...Saraheyo! something like Korean style..Love love

However, i hv a lot of fun to night, Najiah is very very good GaL to hangout with, she hv a nice smile ..Look!! at her smile!!! tick tok tick do u think!!!???....I can remind it's silimilar to Cameron Dias's smile!! Do u think so!? 

Najiah is a very good host in Singapore and a really nice GaL.

... if u step over Singapore, dont miss to meet my Cameron Dias @ Sigapore as u hv to see MErlion!!! heheh..

Pay me pay me ....Najiah!! for my promoting  u!!! .......hahah....... Okey i will wait u to pay me in BKK for my credit u here..heheh

Well we will meet each other again on August 15  @ TB meetup in BKK!! Woo...i am sure i will drive her crazy at my land!!! hehehe..


reikunboy says:
nice one
Posted on: Jul 30, 2008
najiah10 says:
HAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHHAHAHA. you are soooo funny!!!!
Posted on: Jul 30, 2008
ratu says:
Ha ha ha I like this entry!
Posted on: Jul 30, 2008
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8.30 PM @ Bugis Station
8.30 PM @ Bugis Station
Najiah and Joy!
Najiah and Joy!
What is this??? I love it!
What is this??? I love it!
Aowww...i am not LB!!! hahah..Her …
Aowww...i am not LB!!! hahah..Her…
Love u too!! Najiah!!
Love u too!! Najiah!!
@ Clinic!!
@ Clinic!!
Looking for another place foe next…
Looking for another place foe nex…