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First Pix with Eiko & Sky!! All of them so nice!!!

What the crazy today....!!!!

It's rainning since last night untill in the morning!!

Heavy Rainng

No taxi

Heavy Traffice Jam

Fully of bus and public van..

I could not go to the office late today...because i plan to leave the office early than usual because i hv meet Eiko!!!

I hv no choice but how i go to work!! So oMG! The best way to arrive office on Time is Motorcycle Taxi with rainning!

lucky or unluck me!!

 My office is quite far aobut 10 KM! so, at the rainning day no more motorcycle accept to send me to the office...There is one driver try to help me..because pity Aioh!!

But what! They have not helmet for me!! OMG!!

It's illegal and unsafe me take the motorcycle without helmet during rainng and the police might be catch me.

.but no choice!

I am rock!!

Get to the motorcycle with rainning..and i try to hide myself during interjuction!!Because the police mightbe see me without helmet and catchme!! Grrr....

Welldone!! I am safe from Police and i am servive from the accident but i am completely getwet and soooo dirty but it's ok!  i am arrive the office on time...

So..i assume this day is very very lucky day for me, i am safe, arrive the office ontime, abit dirty (much more dirty) but it's sound as a good sight of funny day to meet Eiko....

Wooo..What the hell Eiko bring the rainn with her..

OMG!! It's rainning again in this late afternoon and i suppose to wait until the rainning stop but..IT's too late now!!

Again and agian..i hv to come to see Eiko and Sky her TB friend for sure.

Sky !! U are so cute!!!

Haha..i am arrive late from the appointment time..but lucky me agian..Eiko come to see me late than me..

Well, i see Sky (SCSCSKY TB) first...

Woo..she is sky!? Sky is a little thai Gal..i lov it, she look really young, cheerful and i love her smile so much..

Look!! I am less talk with her before we meet, but i tune my mode with her in second!

I can hold her hand to walk together( HAHA..i am not lessbian)as she is my daughter..Woo!!!

I guarantee Sky is a very very very nice person.... and you will enjoy talking with her as me..

Umm, we hv a about 30 minute to talk talk talk and then Eiko come!!

Woo..she is very thin gal than i expect and she is so westen as she or someone hv been told me..we start greeting my Hug!

Big hug!!!..hahah.

She is not the Japanses gal!!! Crazy, talkative and so western...
..again..we tune our mode only in a sceond and then we start to talk and talk and none stop..

Dinner..and have the ice cream together..

Only 2 or 3 hrs spend the time with this 2 amazing galll is so great..

I guarantee 2 of this gal is so nice nand nice, if u hv a chance to Nagoya and Australia..please try to catch 2 of this gal!!


Aha...after finish the dinner we, 3 gal..hv promise to see each other again next year in BKK or Vang Viang(Laos) or travel together..hahaha..

i cannot not wait to see u all guys!!!





PS: My day mightbe start with getting wet, exciting and ...woo.. a lot crazy terrible, but end of my day..i hv a lot of, i dont think today is unluck ..on the other hand, it's really a great day to meet a new friend as Sky and Eiko!!




momiji says:
Aioh! Ohh that was such a fun and crazy night! Love you and miss you!!!!
Posted on: Sep 15, 2008
najiah10 says:
i wanna meet Eiko too!!!!!
Posted on: Sep 15, 2008
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First Pix with Eiko & Sky!! All of…
First Pix with Eiko & Sky!! All o…
Sky !! U are so cute!!!
Sky !! U are so cute!!!
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She is not the Japanses gal!!! Cr…
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Sky enjoy with her ice cream!!
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