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Ratu, Dani and Kim..My 3 big son from Spain!

This Blog for Ratu  or his realname is  JC... (^__^)

First of all i wanna say sorry to Ratu that i create this blog too late, ..Haha i already load and finish writing the meetup with Dodge and New who have been met last week and this week..How's blog for Ratu!! I think it might be the question in Ratu's mind!! We have been met since March but it's seem nothing release!!

Hey.. Ratu! i am writting u , it's need the time me to write it because it's unforgetable!! haha.. 

I cant remember how i know Ratu (surely it's by TB). I know only  i will run on TB when i am no schedule to work outside..haha..i have to dawn my ass in the office and let's go to internet connecting!  I will spend time on  TB to read TB's experience and send my hi to new TB group or sent coment to the person who will match the located " " Sawassdee ka.

The lost guy : Dani & Kim!
. Welcome to Thailand." If you need any suggestion or any advise , please dont hesitate to asking na" being a good host of Thailand...

Ratu is a TB who drop me a comment and let me know he will have a trip to Thailand. Surely he need some information about my country!!  Ratu is the first who seem really need my help. Okey!! Let's work!! I try to answer him as much as i can... When Ratu fixed the exactly dated to come to Thailand. Haha..i dont know more about him and his trip...poor me! I never ask deeply detail about his trip , i just point only  how to assist as well as i can!!  So, i try to suggest him what u should do that , those.. if u have 2 or 3 to take the taxi from Airport, how's cost of taxi fee.

Look!! only 2 persons in Tuktuk is too fit!!
.and finally he let me know he will have only half day on the last day in thailand!!  

Haha..i never ask howmany people come with Ratu. I assume he come with his GF because pic profile he take the photo with agal..Maybe this is a couple honeymoon.. So it's safe me, eventhough i am a host and it's in Thailand but i never been met a internet friend so it's better to start to meet a couple honeymoon, not a guy or a group of foreigner guy!! It would be really hard me to mode them ..i think!! ) So, let's reply to Ratu that if you need my help, i am willing to show my Bangkok city during your half day in Bangkok  !! Haha.

It's too small for u, Ratu!!
.Ratu response and accept it suddenly!

Well, I did not contact Ratu or get the reply during his one week trip in Thailand..i know only he will be in Bangkok on Mar 23. He mightbe enjoy trip!! Let's drop him only , let's see u @ Burger King Khao San Rd. 12 PM on March 23!!....i hope there will read my comment on the date before!!

Gr... i dont know they will come or not!! that 's why i check my blog again on Mar 23 mornig!!  at that's time is around 11 AM!! and appointment is 12 AM.!! I sure i will be there too late!! OMG!!..Haha..the funny thing is ..i set my clock earlier than the real time 15-20 minute..i feel  i am late..that's why i  hurry to catch the bus to Khao San Rd.. and i slip to tthe floor during i leave from the bus.

Ratu @ tuk tuk..he still fun!!
.haha iam not kiss the ground only sit and hit to the floor.. and onemore time i slip to the floor during cross the road!! (It's the secret, i kiss the ground) oh my god i feel hurt my knee.....however, i cannot check it out because i wear a long i just feel.. I am a blunder gal...however.. it's okey naaa..(^__^)..

Arrive!!! I am at berger king on am arrive before 15 minute because of my setting watch!!

On the first floor.. no one.. just wait a minute!! a couple western entry!! Hmm..maybe!! But why Ratu have a beard..try to look at the guy!!haha it's not ..i guess!! 5 minute later..i saw 3 guys cross the road and entry to Burger King!!..Maybe nope because 3 guys and it should have a gal with .

This map, created by Ratu (JC) ..It's the our lost between Ratu and his friend (Kim, Dani)haha.. i am so surprise Ratu!! OMG u remeber our route, Incredible man!! Dont let Ratu catch up YoU!! (^__^)
.i guess!!...

They coming and take a seat next table to me..they look all table..(There are only 3 tables)..umm i feel i have been met this guy before..

he look pass to me coz i cut my hair ....( i am long hair and tie my hair @ my profile pic) Gr..or ...Grrrrr..Someone turn to look at me again..He show me a gal pic that one print from computer!!'s me!!  Grrr... 3 persons, ...Grrr 3 guys where is the gal!! Then 2 guys shake my hand and Ratu come to kiss me ..Grrrr...Grrr.. it's only greetting kiss!! Nooo...I tell myself..okey na!! Dont's greeting, remember!? it's western greeting!! Okey okey!!! hahah....We talk a little bit because i have to check where thery have been. (Ratu tell u the secret that it's very hard me to understand your spanish-english) @ @.

Where is Kim and Dani!!

Well, I have to edit above underline paragragh because of Ratu comment....hahaa..  Grrr..3 persons..Grr 3 guys where is the gal!! Ratu is the closer, he greet me with 2 kisses and then Kim & Dani shake my hand! (Is it okey Ratu?) (^__^)

I totally understand they have been only Grand Palace this morning..they wanna take tuktuk to Grand Palace but it's seem tuktuk charge them high so they never take a tuk tuk. aha aha..Let's take him by Tuk tuk and go to weekend market( JJ MArket or Chatuchak market, it s the same place)!! Deside to bring them there because i am very expert, i go there at less 1 or 2 times a month...

So..we leave from Buger King and.

No Kim & Dani, Have only this GUY!!
.hrrr.. we have 4 persons, no ..we are very big 4 persons, it's impossible to stuff all of us in one tuk tuk. Let's seperate 2 person/one tuktuk....

Catch the first tuktuk (Okey, who first!? Kim & Dani!? let's get it the tuktuk!!) and i instructed the driver drop them at Chatuchak Station (subway) where  there are BTS sky train too! Driver show he understand me , then i noted to Kim & Dani!! only 100 Baht!! okey!! Go!!

 Then catch a tuktuk for me and Ratu 5 minute later and i direct the driver to the same place...on the way we talk alot but i understand only 50 no 60 no..65% from total, however, Ratu seems enjoy takeing a photo and funny , his voice likes a Mickey!! graaa haa.

Run.. runn.. Aioh!

Arrive!! Chatuchak!!  I leave from Tuktuk and looking for 2 big Western Guy (KIM & Dani)...surely if they are arrived, it must be easy to find them because they is a big guy (I means Taller than Thai)..Hurrr....where are they?? Gurrrrrr..gurrr...i think i told Tuktuk to drop my 2 big guy here!! Why i cannot find them!!  Wait wait!! They suppose to arrive before us! Where where are theyyyyyy......Ratu look at me as what i am exciting (He might feel right that) and  where is his friend, Ratu told me 2 of them will wear hat!! I am look around again and i still cannot find them. So, i ask Ratu to wait me here!!  Please wait here, okey!? i need to look around this place!! I do worry with Ratu too because i just feel  likes i have 3 sons, and i have to leave a son (Ratu)alone to find another 2 sons!! .

Run run..aioh!
. Where is my 2 big sons!!

What i should do, if i can not find them!! It's so bad day me, i hit my knee to the ground 2 times before meet them and now i lost them!!'s seem not a good sign today!!

I try to find 2 Kim & Dani but it's worst...i am back to Ratu and told him them! I need to call them ,but Ratu said they are not mobile..They need to drop everything at Spain..okey! Let's me call back to hotel. They might also find us and leave some message. After calling to the any message!! It's blank!! Ratu told me to cool down but i am abit stranght and wanna cry..."How 's come! i am a poor..i should ask tuktuk at the same time and go together!!" ..Ratu might say it's okey..but hidden feeling they might Grrrr.

Umm..i know u are hungry!!
..why he have to come with this Crazy gaL!!.

We have try to find Kim & Dani my 2 big sons, we spend almost 1 -1.5 hrs to find them but finally they still disappear at my Chatuchak maket! ( If u have been JJ Market u will understand us why why why we  are so tired and how big of the market!!)

I am very tired and i am so sorry Ratu that i make he lost his friend...I did not say anything more.. except..i am sorry and feel very sorry that i make him lost friend...Haha..Good Boy.. He said it 's okey,  but i think  beside his mind he wanna kick my ASS!!! Aow Aow!! ( I am kidding!) But it's true!!  Ratu is a good friend, he did not complain me or let's me feel bad..he try to let's me feel cooldown, but How 's can i feel free if i am not find your friend .

Haha..Look at his face!! He so tired too!! Ratu with Somtam (Papata Salad) @ Chatuchak Maket.

Okey!! We are totally ensure that we cannot find them, Ratu ask me to let show him the JJ Market!! Haha Ratu!!! We have walk a long distance a hour ago , it's JJ Market!! i ask Ratu  he eat anything before meet me, because i feel Ratu gonna burn with 35 or 36 degree!! OMG!! he have no eat anything yet!!!

God!! How he survive, he walk from Khaosan to Grand Palace and walk back to Khaosan Rd and then walk with a long distance in JJ Market!! If you wear red victory out side the trouser!! i am sure that u are the superman!! heheh

Okey..Let's forget your Dani & Kim for awhile..i take Ratu to have papaya Salad, spicy pork, Thai noodle (we call Kanom Jeen). It's very simple dish for Thai people. I do hope he can eat it!! I try to instruct the waiter .

We are at Siamriver Hotel!! Yeah Heah..Kim and Dani are here too!!
.no spicy!!!  Woaaa...he enjoy and finish dish!! Haha..i hope u are not diarrhea coz of my dish during hid flight back to Spain!! heheh

After we finish the food, we are start to look around JJ Market with fast walking (I try to fast walking, coz i wanna finish it soon) Sorry, Ratu..We did not talk more or talk more, but i cannot remember all coz i am concentrate only..Dani & Kim..Where are u? They arrive hotel or not?? only this...

Finally, we leave to JJ Market Im yahoo in my mind, coz i wanna know the result..where Dani & Kim!!) Haha..we take the tuktuk back to the hotel and i directly to recieption counter!...OH..they look at me badly, not only recieption but also doorman maybe because of i come with Ratu!! No no.

At Wat Mangkorn, Chinatown..Finally we can go together! Yeah Heah!! Look at my tired!
.it's not like that!! Grrrrr

I ask the recieption for Dani & Kim, but they seem no response me. They only said they dont know they dont found, they didnot get any leave message..Oh GOD!They talk with me not so good.. hey, i am not XXX, i am not likes that!! I wanna kick their ass if i can do..Okey, let's find  Where Kim and Dani are!?

At the sametime, Ratu walk to see them at the pool and did not he said he will check at the room...Okey, let's he go!!..Haha.. I didnot go with him, i just feel i am better waiting here, Doorman look me badly, recieption too. ANd it's not good if i..ummm hahaa..go to the room with him. I am sure he is not the bad guy and i am a big Gal!!..hahaha...Notthing have to worry.

Kim & Dani ( The lost guy)..let take a pic!! nice!!
But i am better wait here! better safe myself!! haha..crazy gal!

 He entry to the  elevator and turn back to mee and use the finger  asking me to come in!! Hurrr...hurrrr..ummm.. can i dont go with u!? I feel grrr grrr......come on he ask by using a finger..comein!! Grrr... okey!! i try to keep walk far from him and then he knock the room!!

Knock knock!!

Hey! the door was opened by  my 2 big sons!! They talk talk talk alot..haha i am sorry...i canot traslate what is spainish converstaion...hahah..i guess ..where have u been ..we are in JJ martket 2 hrs to find u!!!..then..i show my face and smile..grrrr grrrr....Oh GOd..they are here....hummm humm..If they are my real son i will give them a big hug , kiss kiss and hit their ass!! and ask them.

.where do u have beeen??!!!

 I am glad to find them here but how to say la??? i do my best only smile..because !! Remeber??!! Thailand is the land of smile!! hohohoh...on the other hand, Dani & Kim looks very very chil with swimming short trouser.....hahaa...turn to look at me!! I am look so dirt...and so tired... i wanna take a rest, i am wanna toilet ...i wanna eat ...i wana have some water and i am so tired!.  bla bla bla bla ..what they are talking!!..they are keep talking and i an wait at the coner as what?..i dont know!? Then Ratu turn to ask me is it enough time to Chinatown....hrr hrr...yes and smile again!! Beside that i am very very tired and feel hurt my knee..but okey na!! This the firstime of them come to tHailand, and i am a case of them lost! I am glad to runn all to finish before they leave our country.

Kim Enjoy!!
Okey okey..let tell them's enough time!

Ratu told me, taxi! not tuk tuk!! Aha.. i think so.. (^_________^)

Let's wait them at the lobby, I and Ratu back to wait them at the lobby....Oh! i forget it, i have been make a necklace and angkle lace for girl by myself as i wish to give Ratu and the as survinier from mine... No Gal, okey only Ratu..i show it to Ratu and i hope he will like it..

Wow..he try it and wear it.. i am glad to see u likes it (^__________^)..

Dani , Kim , Ratu and i we are ready! Taxi is ready! Doorman is ready to open the door for us!! Haha i have 3 big sons and i bring them to the Chinese temple at Chinatown.. I dont know he will unterstand me or not but the purpose of mine is..

I believe if we pray the Buddha it will bring us the lucky , happiness and.

Bree Breee..Dani!
.future bright!! (especial myself!!) So, i wish they will lucky thru year's possible.. that we will see each othe in next life!! haha..We will meet again!! hahahaa but next life..becasue i think they might not need to see me..what i am crazy lost Ratu Friend!!...

After go to the Chinese Temple, i show them the wet market( It's so simple), main Chinatown. I wanna bring the to taste some food but i do worry about his flight tonight. Oh, they never have noodle! But they might not like it. But they suppose to taste!! So i order them only one bowl of noodle for 3 big guy.

Again!! Seller blam me! 3 Foriegners but order only one dish!! Grrrr.. At the same time we take a seat, a little gal who hold a fried rice dish and standing near Ratu .

It's me on Dejavu day!! Fightto!! Gambatte!!
.Her dish is dropping to the floor! OH OH OH no... they blam in Thai and i ask Ratu u crush her? No no..really!? It's so noisy and crazy time.. i ask Ratu to pay them..Let's closed their conversation!! Crazy!! What 's badly day me!!.. ..Finally we, Ratu,Dani , Kim and I , we have a dinner togetther. It's only stall shop but it's a good taste and reasonable price..Haha...Everything is going well in finally..i get smile because of a big gal who sit beside me, she seem very enjoy eating and i so enjoy to see her...(^____^)

Bye Bye Ratu, Dai and Kim.  I send them at the hotel and it's time to leave.. i am so exhaust and feel pains my last 2 kiss from Ratu...hahaha..good bye kiss!! haha..Eventhough i know it''s good bye kiss but i am still ummm.

He didnot know 2 hrs ago how much i worry about them..
.shy!! Funny me!!


Thank thank thank Ratu.. for Dejavu trip!! It's so incredible and good excersic!! It's hard to think when we will meet again..however  it's good memory for me as the first meet internet first!! WoW i am so CrazY!!


Yeah Heahh...End!! (Thank u all to read my crazy experience..i hope u will get smile and enjoy with me)!!





travelman727 says:
Fabulous collection of TB blogs :-D
Posted on: Jun 17, 2009
YantiSoeparno says:
Hey, where is the love story part Aioh? Did you write it?
Posted on: Apr 13, 2009
stone31 says:
Do you want me to send you the pics I took in our small mini meetup?? Send me your emailadress!!!
Posted on: Mar 10, 2009
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Where is Kim and Dani!!
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Run.. runn.. Aioh!
Run.. runn.. Aioh!
Run run..aioh!
Run run..aioh!
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Kim Enjoy!!
Kim Enjoy!!
Bree Breee..Dani!
Bree Breee..Dani!
Its me on Dejavu day!! Fightto!! …
It's me on Dejavu day!! Fightto!!…
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@ Chatuchak station, Tuk tuk shou…
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haha (^__^)
haha (^__^)
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