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If you want to travel to Cork, and want to do it as cheap as possible. Well, expect it to take quite some time. Ela and Angie got on the train in Umeå on saturday evening. Apperently they eavesdropped on two guys, and learned their whole lifestory. Honorable, especially when you add in the flirting. Not much sleep, which would become a problem two days later. On sunday they arrived in Stockholm, and me (Daniel, coming from Örebro the day before due to meeting my sister) with a friend of mine, Robert, picked them up. Just a little bit late. After refreshing ourselves and playing Pixle Junk, a very cute tower defense game on the ps3, which turned out to be highly addictive, we went to Gamla Stan. There we meet up with a few different people. Ela met her family, Angie met a relative she never met before, and I met up with a World of Warcraft friend. We all got along just fine, it was a good day.
Then we got into some slight problems, we almost missed to get to the aircoach in time. Could  have become an expensive problem. But we did indeed have 1 minute to spare! This luck would actually stay with us. At Skavsta airport things went as they should, no unexpected bagageproblems which I had feared a bit. We also ate some very good Mozarella and Tomatoe pizza, and bought a Swedish flag and scarfs for the European Championship in Soccer. Had to prepare ourselves for our entry to the local pubs. The actual flight went smooth, particulary interesting to watch a sunset for about 2 hours. Try it if you ever get the chance. Once we arrived in Ireland, we moved around in the airport between different chairs and tables trying to get some sleep, and watched Mean girls. Spent 5 hours there being very tired. Still no sleep for the girls.
On monday morning, we tried to understand how we were going to get to Cork. Information concering aircoaches and other means for travelling to Cork, was very scarce. We managed to find out which bus we were going to take though, just one problem, we had no clue where to get off. The particulary nice and friendly busdriver helped us luckily. And once we had gotten of the bus, we almost went in the wrong in direction to the nearby busstop. However, the busdriver helped us once again, spotting our insecurity from far away and drove to help us! So then we got on the bus, which took 4 hours to get across the country to Cork. This time, we actually had 2 minutes to spare before the buss would depart. The bustrip was nice, Ireland is a beautiful country, and we drove past a very impressive old castle.
38 hours after leaving Umeå, we arrived in Cork. Sure it took some time, but we saved alot of money! And suppose we got to see and experience alot too. We took a cab to the apartment, and for the first time, we got to hear about the only subjects irish radio currently talks about, fishing and flying. Not much about the Lisbon treaty though, which is all over Ireland.
Then we arrived at our apartment, which was supringsly nice. However, perhaps not very "functional". Alot of switches and waiting to get hot water in some parts of the apartment. Sigh. While being very tired, we went downtown to check out the city centre. Had to purchase food, and powerplug adaptors (we had forgot they didn´t have the same as sweden). Buying food at Tesco went as it should, however, getting back did not. We went to far with the bus. And had to take the same bus back. And then we still ended up very far away from where we lived, with alot of food, that didnt appreciate the heat very much. We blame that on a statement from the guy who owns the apartment, saying that bussline  was close. It was NOT. We got home, ate, drank the wine (which had been left for us) to celebrate our arrival, and then the girls feel asleep for about 12 hours. Not supringsly I guess,considering the circumstances. Next day was rather similar, spent most of the day at the city centre, doing different errands, such as trying to get library cards, getting some touriest information etc. Once we were home, we ate Soyamince and Pasta, which we feel will be our standard food course. Tasty, and Cheap. Watched The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly too. But everyone was asleep during one point or the other in the movie.
The trip felt succesfull as we went to sleep.
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photo by: sarah_82