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Old meets new: modern buildings and the Underground surround a surviving piece of the old Roman wall.
    My first 24-hours in London was spent wondering: where the hell is everybody?
    I had always imagined London to be a British NYC - crowded streets of people bustling everywhere.  That's what I imagined; that's what I had mentally prepared for.  But as I walked to the Tube stop, the streets were empty.  There were cars in the road, but the Brits' affinity for the driver being on the right side of the car made me feel like the the cars were empty and driving themselves.  Where the hell is everybody?
    It was creepy.  The movie "28 Days Later" starts to run through my mind.  I get nervous and jumpy.  I expect to get jumped by a rabid pack of hungry zombies just around the corner.
Traitor's Gate!
  I take a deep breath and try to think of happier London-based films like "LoveActually" or "Notting Hill".

    My venture on the Tube was pretty unremarkable.  I've learned to navigate the NYC subway so I think that gave me an edge on learning the Tube.  If you can ride one, you can ride the other.  I had a minor fumble with their MetroCard but this little sweet old lady set me straight and called me "dear".  She was nice.  After that, I put on my iPod and headed towards the Tower of London. 

    I checked an item off my Things To Do Before I Die list!

    I saw the Tower of London!

    I was actually happy that I went by myself - I tend to lose myself in museums and there's nothing worse than feeling rushed.
My boyfriends: Gin & Beer.
  I've definitely romanticized European history - particularly Tudor-Stuart Britain - and so I spent about four hours visiting with ghosts.  I stood on the spot were Anne Bolelyn and Lady Jane Grey (my favorite) were beheaded.  I saw Traitor's Gate (made famous by Mel Gibson in "Braveheart").  I saw the Crown Jewels - not as cool as seeing the Tower were Elizabeth I was imprisoned by her half-sister Bloody Mary.  I explored every corner of the fortress; I stayed until the Guard kicked me out.

    On the Tube home, I was relieved to find that it was full with commuters headed home.  *phew*  So there are Londoners in London. 
oldschoolbill says:
At times solo is the way to go!
Posted on: Jun 14, 2008
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Old meets new: modern buildings an…
Old meets new: modern buildings a…
Traitors Gate!
Traitor's Gate!
My boyfriends: Gin & Beer.
My boyfriends: Gin & Beer.
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