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Hostels are extremely transient by nature and throughout the course of my stay here I think I've had a dozen or so roommates so far.  (Only one of them, mind you, has been female and she wasn't really interested in being friends because she had friends she was traveling with.  I'm really awkward with girls anyway so it wasn't a big deal.) 

The cool Missouri guys. 

Some snotty French guys who were... well, snotty.

A fat French dude who farted a lot in his sleep.  (You knew when he was about to do it to because all of sudden his snoring would stop and just when you thought he had actually stopped breathing he'd let one rip. ...I was on the opposite side of the room from him, thank god.  After the first night, I put on my iPod to bed rather than be subjected to that.)

Some hippy English blockes.

A well-traveled Aussie. 

And now, some Jesey boys!  From Morristown!

...I woke up this morning to some hushed American voices settling into the room.  Could it be?  Really?  We bonded in conversation as Jersey-ans (Jersey-ites?). 

It's nice to be hanging out with people from home.  I've been fighting homesickness lately (lame, I know) so I almost cried with relief when I heard "we're from Jersey".   Yeah.  Homesickness sucks.  And it is a weird feeling because I haven't been homesick REALLY since I was a kid!  I've gotten homesick for Hawaii, but it's always more in the longing kind of way not the ohmigod-I'm-going-to-die-if-I'm-not-in-Jersey-City-right-now kind of way. 

The Jersey Boys did invite me out today but I must admit I had no desire to walk the streets of Amsterdam.  Again.  So I basically chilled out in the hostel all day today.  Watched some movies, watched some soccer, drank some beer, chilled with the stoners, greeted some new people, wrote in my journal, took a nap... yeah, it's a hard life.  (Homesickness, what?!)  A friend and I were discussing our mutual lack of motivation today and we both decided that lazy days are okay on vacation.  When you're on vacations like this you are always filled with this pressure to GO OUT and DO THINGS and HAVE FUN and basically make sure the trip is ALWAYS about LEARNING and GROWING and LIFE-CHANGES and EXPLORING.  It's f-ing exhausting.  We both decided, ya know, we both were on vacation.  And lazy days are okay.  They are not against the rules and are not a travesty to... I don't know, the Traveling Gods.  The Holy Catholic Patron Saint of Traveling Backpackers in Amsterdam.

And not to say I didn't learn anything today.  I met/meet a lot of cool people in the hostel today.  You learn a lot about different cultures and different ways of looking at thigns fast with all the people you meet.  It's a like the f-ing United Colors of Bennaton down at the bar/chill room.  Except with beer.  And soccer.  (I mean, futbol.)

We've actually ceased learning people's names anymore.  We just scream out country-of-origin.

"Where did Scotland go?"

"Is-rae-l in the house!"

"Yo, Wyoming can you grab me an OJ?"

And inevitably - "Hey Hawaii.  So can you like, surf good and stuff?  Is Hawaii just like the best place on earth?"

"No," I reply, practicing my deadpan sarcasm.  "Girls don't surf well because our coconut bikinis really chafe your skin.  So we like to do the hula on the beach - Hawaiians believe if you do that, sharks won't eat our surfer boys out in the water."


"Yep.  And I mean, come on, man.  Coconut bikinis ALONE make it the best place on earth."

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photo by: pearcetoyou