Double-Decker Buses Hurt (when they hit you...)

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    I've discovered that double-decker buses hurt when they hit you.
    I'm kidding, I did NOT get hit by a bus but I did have a great close encounter with one today.

    It's odd that the only thing keeping me from getting really comfortable in this city so like my own is the fact that traffic flows from the opposite side of the street.  It seemed like an inconsequential oddity when I first got here.

    Then I almost got hit by a bus.

    A double-decker bus.

    I had to defend myself to Dave when I told him about my near death experience today.  "Listen, I'm not retarded - I went to to kindergarten!  I know I'm supposed to look both ways when you cross but it's really hard to be cautious when you're used to looking for traffic coming from the other way!"  Yeah, he just kept laughing at me. 
    It wasn't really a near death experience - it was more like, Ooh, look at the stupid American girl who doesn't know how to cross the street. 

    *sigh*  I'm ready to go to Amsterdam.  At least I don't have to keep an eye out for obnoxiously huge buses (seriously, do you really need 2 FLOORS on a BUS?!) looking to bowl me over from the wrong direction.

    ...oh yeah, the British Museum was pretty cool.

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photo by: ulysses