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Stained glass window in a church by Dam Square.

That's what my room consists of, currently.  Four guys.  And me.

After I got settled into my room yesterday, I decided to try on my Brave Shoes and wander around Amsterdam a bit.  It was fun to walk through little alleys (here the alleys are quaint rather than creepy like in NYC) and clouds of weed smoke.  I know everyone back home thinks Amsterdam=weed - there is so much more to this city than that.  I mean, yes, weed is big out here but it's a part of life (like having a drink) rather than a way of life. 

I lost my breath when I stumbled onto Dam Square.  It was so breathtaking - I just knew I could go through this whole trip alone and meet NO ONE and I would be completely okay so long as I was seeing sights like that.  It was amazing. 

Back at the hostel, I meet the guys staying with me and as luck would have it, they were American!  ...from... Missouri.  Yep.  I immediately latched myself onto to them.  It's my first, I said firmly, so you guys are showing me around.  They were pretty cool about it.

Well, people are waiting for this computer so I need to wrap this up.

Some awesome things about Amsterdam so far: 
Canals.  The Red Light District.  Cannibis.  My hostel.  Alleys.  The Van Gogh Museum.  Anne Frank House.


PS.  The Dutch drive on the right side of the street, thank god.  But those bicyclists are vicious!

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Stained glass window in a church b…
Stained glass window in a church …
Missouri boys: Trent & Tristan.
Missouri boys: Trent & Tristan.
photo by: pearcetoyou