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This parrot named Lisa lived at our hotel and apparently loved talking to guests. But it didn't say shit to me.
We are back from Florida. "Back from Florida"...not an ideal place to be. I have always sort of steered myself away from going there just because it is one of those places filled with tourists who have never been anywhere else in their life. Well, having gone there now as an adult as opposed to the last time I went when I was a child, I understand exactly why this is. People go to Florida because it's amazing. It's pretty, the sky is more blue, it stays light out about an hour longer, and even when it's chilly outside like it was when we were there it seems like it's nice because it's bitter cold and snowing where you came from. While Florida was not one of the types of vacations I am used to, it was great and I can't wait to go back. So yeah, in summary, it definitely sucks to be in Wisconsin after four days in Florida.
As beaches go, I enjoyed it as well

The only small hitch in our plans was, as I had predicted, the Tampa flight getting downgraded while we were in the air, on our way to Kansas City. We ended up flying to Orlando and then driving. All my worrying was for nothing since we got bumped anyway and everything still worked out as it always does. The ironic part was that the reason I had even decided to go to Tampa in the first place was because the Orlando flights were completely full, and I ended up there anyway. It basically took us 12 hours to complete our travels...haha. It was funny traveling with my parents. They liked to educate us on Florida things, like how "fast" the tram at MCO would be moving, how much things cost when we were driving on Disney property, and how their roads are so much better than ours.
(Our reactions: Trinity rolling her eyes and whispering "this is not faster than a subway;" ignoring them; thinking the obvious which is that they obviously have better roads since they don't have snow). We made it the three hours to Clearwater without going insane or getting into any arguments. That night we walked on the beach and saw an amazing sunset, then we went to eat at this restaurant called Cody's that had a giant bin of peanuts that you could eat and throw the shells on the floor.

On Friday Trinity and I woke up "late" according to my parents, but it was only 8:00! We ate breakfast at the hotel and then we listened to them for three hours telling us that we slept too late and that we should already be on our way because we are wasting time.
We went to Busch Gardens which was really cool. I like the whole zoo/theme park thing. I was also glad that Trinity was too short to get on some of the rides because one that I saw had two 90 degree drops and I almost threw up watching it. The one roller coaster we did go on was frightening but fun at the same time. It didn't go upside down or do anything crazy, but it was a lot more terrifying than it looked from the ground. The best thing was the 4D Pirates movie in which we got drenched with water. That night we ate at an Italian place and had leftovers which we ate later at the hotel, while we watched MiBII. This was after we hung out in the spa/pool area for at least an hour.

Saturday morning, we got up at 7 and my parents woke up "late" at 7:30 even though they were the ones who told us to get up early. On this day we ditched Grandma and Grandpa. All day we did nothing but hang out on the beach. I'm not exactly sure what beach it was but it had a sign that said it was one of America's Top 20 Beaches. Well, it was a sexy beach anyway. First we walked and walked and looked for shells. Then we chose a spot and put out a beach blanket and sat there watching pelicans fish. We built a cool sandcastle with a moat. This was the only day it was hot while we were there. We started out the day in two sweatshirts and jeans, we slowly removed them and ended up in short sleeves and shorts. After a few hours we were just about to leave to explore the park nearby when my parents showed up at the beach. We stayed another couple hours, then the four of us went to this diner on the boardwalk and got yelled at by seagulls because we wouldn't share our food. Then we went back to hotel to go swimming. Trinity and I swam for an hour or something around that, then we went back upstairs and the two grouches were like arguing because they said it was going to rain and we shouldn't leave. We finally convinced them to go to the beach again, where they kept insisting that Trinity would be carried away by waves if she got too close. We were on the Gulf side of Florida and it was not windy...the waves were smaller than the ones we see all the time in Lake Michigan. Trinity and I came up with a plan where we would agree to go back to the hotel, and then say that we were going for a short walk and then really stay on the beach until it got dark. We did that, and then I think my mom wanted to appreciate her trip, and she came back after they dropped us off. We all stayed there until it got dark and then we went to get ice cream. Finally we went back upstairs and spent the night packing up for our departure. I also obsessed about not getting on the flight on Sunday but we did, and it was all good. So we spent all day yesterday in the Tampa airport and then flying home.

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Posted on: Jun 11, 2008
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This parrot named Lisa lived at ou…
This parrot named Lisa lived at o…
As beaches go, I enjoyed it as well
As beaches go, I enjoyed it as well
photo by: SheLuvz2Fly