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Trinity bought these glasses for $7. Then Net came home that night with like four pairs of them that she got for free at her show. You win again, irony!
Sunday morning I was awoken some time in the middle of the night by a sound which I was sure was a mouse scratching something in or near the living room. I was mostly asleep, half delirious, and mostly just annoyed that this was waking me up, as I was sleeping next to a window and there was plenty of traffic and music and people talking outside to wake me up properly. Also, under normal circumstances or in daylight, I would be running around screaming and jumping on top of furniture just like a god damned woman (note to anyone just joining us: I am a woman) if I knew there was a mouse around me. But at this particular moment I just wanted the mouse to leave me the hell alone and let me sleep. I made a bunch of noise hoping to scare it off, and the noise stopped.
Boston Children's Museum
I fell asleep and dreamed of a white rabbit with red eyes next to me in the living room screaming like a banshee. Then, I was awake because I had this dreadful nightmare! I managed to fall back to sleep eventually, but only moments later, my friend the mouse was back. This time, I knew where it was, mainly because it was just sitting there across from me in the moonlight, chilling out in front of the door. I was defenseless. I had nothing to throw at it, nor did I even have any shoes or socks nearby that I could put on in order to lunge for it and chase it off (I could have touched the floor with my bare feet of course, but what if the mouse ran over them? gah!). I made a motion toward the mouse as though I could fight it, but it just looked at me, and started chewing on the door.
Two of my favorite verbs!
I managed after several times to get it to move away a couple inches, but it would come right back every time. Finally I ended up standing on the edge of the couch to open the door, and the mouse walked out, as though it was some kind of invited guest. Much to my dismay, it crawled right under the door and came back in five minutes later. I had a relationship with this mouse by this time. It was not going to hurt me, all it wanted to do was eat the door. I ran right for it, barefoot and all, and as soon as it walked away from the door, I grabbed all the umbrellas that were in a can next to the door and laid them all across the edge so the little bastard couldn't get to them. It worked, but I am sure that when my nephew came in at about 3 or 4 he wondered wtf I was doing with six umbrellas.
I used to be a soda drinker, and now I'm a water drinker. Not because of this propaganda though.

This mouse was my first signal that I was no longer needed in Boston. The second was when I woke up in the morning and realized I had already worn some of my clothes twice, and that most of them were starting to smell like the ocean. The third was when a friend who calls me every Sunday morning like clockwork called, and I asked him why he was first calling me on Tuesday. So, I was rooming with a mouse, wearing clothes that smelled like the sea, and I didn't know what day it was. I knew this would be my last full day in Boston. Trinity wanted to go to the children's museum, and I was fine with that. We get in free with our membership at a reciprocal museum. We've been to the Boston Children's Museum several times, but it's one of the best I've seen so far.
Rock climbing in flip flops.
My favorite exhibit is the Arthur exhibit, based on the books by Marc Brown and the PBS Kids show. I've always loved Arthur, but I love his friend Buster even more. Postcards From Buster is a spin-off of Arthur in which Buster travels around the world with his dad, who is a pilot. What makes it different is that even though Buster is a cartoon, the show is live action. It is told from his viewpoint, so Buster is talking and is part of the action, but he is the one holding the video camera. Each episode features a real kid and their family, doing things in their city. I love it! Anyway, there is also a part of the museum dedicated to Buster!

We left the kids museum at about 3, and Trinity decided that she wished she had chosen the science museum instead of the kids museum.
Why not both? We hopped on the train and were at Science Park in no time. We barely had any time at all to enjoy the science museum, but again, we got free admission and we had been there before. We checked out the newest exhibit there, which was about black holes. It was interesting, but many of the interactive parts of the section were not working. Not that it matters because we ran out of time to do everything anyway.

The following day we caught a mid-afternoon flight which ended up getting delayed. We were exhausted by the time we went to bed that night. Safe and snug in my own bed in Milwaukee, you're never going to believe what woke me up in the middle of the night. A mouse chewing on some kind of paper RIGHT NEXT TO MY HEAD. I can go months or years without trapping a mouse here, I swear these things were haunting me. This particular one was trying to open a cough drop. This time I had the luxury of a wall I could slam my fist into to chase it off. So, a mouse showed me I shouldn't be in Boston, but another one told me I shouldn't be in Milwaukee, either. And I wouldn't be, for long....

vulindlela says:
That looks fun!!
Posted on: Jan 28, 2010
sylviandavid says:
good blog...
Posted on: Jan 27, 2010
laestrella says:
I love Arthur and Postcards from Buster too!
Posted on: Nov 03, 2009
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Trinity bought these glasses for $…
Trinity bought these glasses for …
Boston Childrens Museum
Boston Children's Museum
Two of my favorite verbs!
Two of my favorite verbs!
I used to be a soda drinker, and n…
I used to be a soda drinker, and …
Rock climbing in flip flops.
Rock climbing in flip flops.
Trinity and Los Viajeros, the band…
Trinity and Los Viajeros, the ban…
I dont know how this display work…
I don't know how this display wor…
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