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Pre-Ice skating/freezing on the Frog Pond in Boston Common

Among other things, I went to church this weekend. I did some messed up things, and I had to absolve my sins. Actually, that's a lie. I'm sure I've sinned a lot since the last time I went to church, it has been twenty years after all, but I sort of ended up there by accident. We spent the weekend in Boston, we specifically went there to go ice skating (which was a horrible disaster I'll get to as soon as I apologize to you myself and you all for going to church). Anyway, my sister in law Wannetta was singing at this 100th anniversary celebration of a church around the corner from her apartment, and she invited us, so we went. The catch was that the 100th Anniversary program was right in the middle of an Episcopalian service (mass?). THREE HOURS. Three hours! They did serve food afterwards, and the food was good. A blessing, as church folk say.

As for ice skating, don't ever fly to another city to go ice skating just because you can. At least if you do, don't go on the weekend. It was so crowded at the ice rink on Boston Common, we waited in line for over an hour. By the time we got there, we were frozen solid from standing still for that long. We couldn't feel our toes or our fingers to tie the laces on our skates. It was the most miserable night I've ever spent in Boston. Trinity and I were both quite literally on the verge of tears. It was only the second worst activity I've ever done there, the first being the Harvard Museum of Natural History (we went there two years ago because we found a free ticket on the sidewalk, and it was such a bad museum it was almost comical). This cost me $17, and I had to use the only cash I had, there was a $20 minimum to use a debit card. Next time, I'll stick to ice skating for free in my own city, thank you.

On Sunday night we stayed home and Trinity's cousin Frank (who is technically my nephew, but who I never call that because he's about the same age as me) bought over his Wii, and the four of us had the best time ever. We ate chicken and we bowled. We drank drinks and we listened to loud music and laughed so hard our chests hurt, and then we realized it had gotten really really late. Frank went home and Trinity and I watched TV and fell asleep on the cuddliest couch in the history of the world. I don't know what it is about Net's couch, but lately she's been threatening to throw it out because it's too old. If she does, I fully intend on chaining myself to it. If I have to pay a MILLION DOLLARS to have it shipped to me in Milwaukee, I will. It's actually really strange. It doesn't feel soft when you sit on it, and to the touch it's rough, and more like something you find in an old basement. It's one of those two piece numbers that creates one long curvy couch. There are thrift store throw pillows all over it, and we line the cushions with bed sheets. Trinity sleeps on one end, each time we visit I slide a little further and further down, so I don't get kicked in the head (I could turn around, yes, but that would fuck up my chi for one, also I can't see the TV that way). My point is that I've slept in a lot of places (hotels, couches, friends apartments, hardwood floors). Net's couch is the only place on earth that I fall asleep the second I lay down. When I'm out and about on the streets of Boston all day in search of adventure and coins on the sidewalk, I actually find myself daydreaming about how great it will be that night when I can lay on my precious dream of love and wonder delight/Net's couch. I am positively in love with Boston. Yet, in the days before we go out there in the first place, I'm never really thinking about how excited I am to get back, I've actually been known to say things like "Only two more days till we get to sleep on Auntie Net's couch!"

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Pre-Ice skating/freezing on the Fr…
Pre-Ice skating/freezing on the F…
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